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You have to understand. I saw a way to make the future better. But to get there, I had to do something hard
Victor to Sam

Victor Rogers was a hunter, who the brothers met on a Rugaru hunt in Washington, a long time ago. He joined and tutored Krissy Chambers, Aidan and Josephine Barnes, however he was secretly working with a vampire, to try and breed a new generation of hunters.


Victor was once a father and a family man, until he took his family camping, and they were attacked by a Wendigo. Victor survived and became a hunter, however feeling the hunters were losing the war with the supernatural, especially after having to deal with the Leviathans he went extremist.

He made an alliance with a vampire named Seth, selected three teenagers who would make great hunters, and had Seth murder their families. After which point he would find them, welcome them in and tutor them in the hunting arts so that they could get revenge. He adopted a father like role to them all, and felt that what he was doing, although tragic, would be in the long run a good thing. He also had Seth turn several new humans, and use them, as the supposed vampires who murdered their families.

His plan however hit problems, when Sam and Dean got involved, although Sam was impressed with treatment of them, and to an extent agreed with him, Dean was still suspicious and delving deeper, he discovered something wasn't right. Meanwhile, Sam almost killed Seth, but Victor knocked him out, and planned to have Seth kill him, thus give the teens even more motivation. However, Dean had by this point managed to throw his plan off the rails, by proving to them that the vampires he was sending them after, were in fact innocent. Back at his home, they all confronted him.

He tried to explain it to them, but with his plan undone Victor tried to leave. In the skirmish that ensued he lost, and Krissy held a gun to his head. Despite Dean's telling her not to, she pulled the trigger, but she had already removed the bullets, and the symbolism of it simply broke Victor. They planned to leave him, alone and miserable for the rest of his life, but realizing it was over, Victor pulled his own gun and shot himself in the head.