Victor was a Leviathan whose job was to retrieve a special package for Dick Roman. After failing this task he was devoured by Dick. 

Season 7Edit

The Girl With The Dungeons and Dragons TattooEdit

SPN 1125

Victor at the airport.

Victor was ordered by Dick Roman to pick up a special package at the airport and deliver it to Dick.

Victor's demise.

However, Sam and Dean Winchester got word of this and stole the package, trading it for an identical-looking suitcase. When Victor returned to Dick with what he thought was the package, they found a borax bomb inside instead. The bomb went off, spraying Victor and Dick with Borax.

Afterwards, Victor begged Dick not to bib him, to which Dick responded, "Bib you? Why would I waste a perfectly good meal?!" Dick then devoured Victor as punishment, destroying him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Victor was a low-ranking Leviathan.

  • Powerful Jaws - Victor possessed a set of large, retractable jaws that were able to eat humans and other Leviathans effortlessly.
  • Invulnerability - As a Leviathan, Victor is invulnerable to most forms of harm.
  • Possession - Victor was able to forcibly possess a person.


Victor possessed standard Leviathans weaknesses.

  • Higher Leviathans - Victor was subservient to higher Leviathans such as Dick Roman, clearly showing fear of Dick's wrath, and eventually being killed by him.
  • Borax - Borax was able to cause Victor pain and burn him easily.
  • Cannibalism - Victor was vulnerable to bibbing and was then devoured by Dick Roman.


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