Veritas was the Roman goddess of truth. She made people say the truth so they would kill each other to pay her fee.

Physical Appearance


Veritas' true face, revealed when Dean stabs her.

Veritas appears to be a young woman who works as an investigative reporter, who address herself as Ashley Frank. She was identified as a goddess due to the white retinal flash in her eyes. She was also able to shapeshift into a form with inhuman features such as cat-like eyes and spiky teeth when threatened.


As other pagan gods, she has her own weakness; she can be killed with a knife dripped in a dog's blood.

Powers and Abilities

  • Truth - As the goddess of truth, her signature ability is force humans to speak the truth. Whatever town she is in, if someone asks aloud for the truth, they will invoke her curse. Nobody can be lied to when under her curse. Soulless people are unaffected by this and can even lie to her as they seem to have a special resistance against the curse.
SPN 1001

Veritas using Telekinesis against Dean and Sam.

  • Telekinesis - She can control and move objects with her mind.
  • Immortality - As a pagan god, she has immortality and near invulnerability. However, she can be killed if the appropriate elements are used.
  • Super agility & speed - She has cat-like speed and agility.
  • Super strength - She has enhanced strength and she can knock down her enemies with one strike.

Season 6

She is summoned by a young woman named Corey using a cat's skull, grains of paradise seed, and Devil's Shoestring. As a result of her summoning, anyone in Calumet City, Illinois, who asks aloud for the truth, invokes her curse. Dean Winchester inadvertently invokes the curse and is suddenly bombarded by truths from everyone he encounters, including through phone calls.

SPN 1189

Veritas is killed by Sam with a knife dipped in dog's blood.

Sam and Dean learn that Veritas is posing as Ashley Frank. She drives what appears to be a Jaguar E-Type or XK-E, a British automobile manufactured by Jaguar between 1961 and 1975, which is appropriate given her character's connection with cats. They go to her home to kill her, but she captures them and, before eating them, decides to play "Truth or Truth." She forces Dean to admit that he wanted to kill Sam in his sleep because he thought he was monster; however, when she questions Sam, she becomes agitated because she can tell that Sam is lying to her. She asks Sam what he is - he can't be human if he can lie to her. Sam and Dean use this distraction to free themselves and kill her with a knife dipped in dog's blood.


Whenever she is called upon, she will curse the people who ask for the truth aloud. They ultimately die as if they were sacrifices, and when that happens she feasts on their bodies, as some other pagan gods do.

  • Corey - She summoned Veritas to the town, so she could find out if her boyfriend was cheating on her. She ultimately dies in a car accident.
  • Jane Peterson - A waitress at Biggerson's Restaurant who shot herself after being bombarded by harsh truths, the worst from her sister, Olivia.
  • Dr. Paul Connelly - A dentist who killed Kenny by driving his drill into Kenny's mouth. He later committed suicide in prison, and his body is seen later being eaten by Veritas.
  • Kenny - A friend of Dr. Connelly who admits to the dentist, as he is preparing for dental surgery, that he has grown weary of his own wife and that he had sexual relations with Dr. Connelly's daughter, Melissa. He was killed and then eaten by Veritas, who accepted his body as a tribute to her.
  • Dean Winchester - Dean accidentally invokes Veritas' curse when he replies to a waitress "I just want the freaking truth".



In Roman mythology, Veritas, meaning truth, was the goddess of truth, a daughter of Saturn and the mother of Virtue Virtue. It was believed that she hid in the bottom of a holy well because she was so elusive. Her image is shown as a young virgin dressed in white. Veritas is also the name given to the Roman virtue of truthfulness, which was considered one of the main virtues any good Roman should possess. In Greek mythology, Veritas was known as Aletheia.


  • In television series Smallville, Veritas happens to be the name of the group of people that welcome the traveler AKA Superman or fellow Kryptonians. Veritas was run by the Teagues, Queens, Luthors, and the Swanns. Like above it's ironic that how the Swanns were part of Veritas and the actress of character Veritas happens to have the last name Swan. Another surname wordplay is of Veritas's alias Ashley Frank, of which "frank" is an adjective to mean "honest" or "blunt".
  • When Sam is searching for Veritas on the web, a picture of Theodora (empress of the Empire Roman Byzantine Empire and the wife of Emperor Justinian I) shows up, as to be a Verita.
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