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A couple being offered to a vanir.

This ritual pertains to a fertility rite to appease a vanir.


The ritual requires a male and a female sacrificial victim every year. The sacrifices must be offered within seven days of a certain part of the cycle. The couple are given a bountiful meal before they are offered to the vanir, who kills the man and the woman through animating a tool or an object. Once the vanir has secured its sacrifices, it provides bountiful harvest and protection from pests and plagues. Failure to provide the vanir with an appropriate offering would result to the loss of protection. The vanir would also lash out by creating heavy rain if it was not appeased on time before the seventh night of the cycle. The vanir was indiscriminate with its victims. It would not hesitate to kill any man or woman, regardless if he or she was arranging for the ritual's success.


Sam and Dean encountered such a feritlity rite in Burkitsville, Indiana, where the whole population of a town was responsible for arranging a tourist or passer-by couple to be stranded until dark. Until then, they were treated well and fed lots of food. Once night falls, the couple were allowed to leave with their fixed car. However, their cars were fixed only to allow them to drive up to an orchard, where the vanir and its tool resided.

Since the vanir has been killed, the ritual in the aforementioned town no longer continues to exist. What became of the town after that is not totally clear, but without the vanir the town would have lost its protection and rewards, resulting in its crops dying out and suddenly becoming prone to all manner of pests and such.


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