Vance Collins, also known as The Unknown Soldier, was an American civil war Confederate soldier, who returned after death as a ghost.


Early lifeEdit


Picture of Vance when he was alive.

In life, he and his brother Corporal Jim Collins fought on opposite sides of the American civil war. Corporal Jim Collins shot Vance and with Vance's dying breath he swore vengeance. Years later his brother, consumed with guilt, dug him up from the battle field and brought him home. Years later, Vance's unidentifiable body, was chosen and came to be called The Unknown Soldier.

Season 8Edit

In modern times, several teenagers desecrated his grave, waking him up. Vance then became a specter, a spirit that possesses the living and makes them act out whatever grudge they may have no matter how small. Sam, Dean and Garth salt and burn his bones but it's not enough to put him to rest as he is tied to his stolen Indian Head Penny. After possessing Dean and trying to kill Sam, Garth manages to get the penny off of Dean, and melts it down, putting him to rest.



  • There are similarities with his story line and the novel Supernatural: Unholy Cause, such as the civil war reenactment references. The theme of betrayal was also used in the book as well.
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