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Vance was a teenager that was killed and later resurrected by Harper Sayles.


Vance was the boyfriend of Harper Sayles when he was alive. After finishing High School, he wanted to move away and asked her to come but she refused as she loved the books around her in the library. When Vance maintained his stance, Harper killed him and brought him back as a zombie and her personal servant. On Harper's command, Vance kill would-be suitors, both to keep himself intact or to get rid of those who were too pesky for Harper's tastes.

His spree of killing gathered the attention of Dean and Jack who went to investigate. Vance later caught Dean scoping out the library and soon attacked but Dean managed to escape him. Vance chased the hunter back to Harper's apartment where Jack and Harper were, as the latter pretended to not know what was going on. Dean spotted Vance's portrait and identified him as a zombie and made plans to kill Vance who burst in while Dean fought him off.

Vance bound by Dean and Jack

Vance pursued Harper and Jack to the library, where they hid from him but when Harper went to lock the door Vance saw her. It was here, Harper dropped her façade and revealed her true nature as a necromancer. She allowed Vance in, telling Jack her history as Vance chased him around. Dean arrived to help Jack, before he and Jack both told Harper and Vance that their supposed love was a sham, attempting to get through to them, but were ignored. After Vance caught Jack, he nearly killed him but was restrained by Dean with iron chains. They saw Harper took the opportunity to run, while leaving a depressed Vance to be put to rest.

Somewhere else, Harper wrote to Jack thanking him for making her move away from her hometown and warning him she wants to kill and zombify him both as revenge for Vance and to make him hers as she now "loves" him.

Power and Abilities[]

He is incredibly powerful in strength and agility.




  • He was the first zombie that Jack met after learning about them.