Vampires that exist in the Apocalypse World are devolved and more ravenous as a result of lack of food.


Early HistoryEdit

When The Apocalypse commenced, Angels began to slaughter resisting humans. This led to vampires starving and eventually led to them becoming more bestial.

Season 13Edit

In Beat the Devil, the Winchesters, Castiel, and Gabriel rescue two refugees, Maggie and Floyd, from a creature that is revealed to be an Apocalypse World vampire. With a vampire nest blocking the only way to Mary and Jack's base, the group and the refugees are forced to pass through. During the trip, Floyd is dragged off while Sam has his throat ripped out by one of the vampires and dies.

Later, Sam is resurrected by Lucifer who is seeking his son. Lucifer is able to use his restored powers to hold back a ravenous horde of vampires in order to force Sam to hear him out and eventually leave with him.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Originally, the vampires of Apocalypse World appeared similar to their counterparts in the mainstream universe, however due to their devolution from starvation, radical physical changes have taken place, to the point where Dean didn't even recognize them as vampires during his first encounter with them. Along the typical mouthful of fangs, the unusual characteristics included elongated ears, deformities around the nose and brow regions, and pale skin (even by vampire standards). Those characteristics causing them look like little version of Wendigo.


  • Archangels - A group of these vampires were effortlessly held back by a telekinetic barrier by Lucifer.
  • Starvation - With lack of humans, these vampires became more base and animalistic.
  • Decapitation - Like all vampires, they are able to be killed via decapitation. Sam decapitated two with a machete while Dean blew a third's head off with a shotgun.



  • The vampires of Apocalypse World devolving into more bestial monsters due to starvation is similar to the subsiders from the 2009 film Daybreakers.
  • With their pale skin, mouthful of fangs, and large, pointed ears, these vampires bare a similarity to Count Orlok of the 1922 film, Nosferatu.
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