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Vampires are blood drinking creatures of myth that have been encountered by the Winchesters, Gordon Walker and other hunters. Little has been revealed about vampires, such as their organization, weaknesses and their origin - all vampires originate from the Alpha Vampire.

They have appeared as monsters of the week in 'Dead Man's Blood', 'Bloodlust' and 'Live Free or Twihard'.


A vampire's appearance is that of a normal human. However, they all have common features, such as sharp, pointed, retractable teeth that emerge from their gums and extend beyond their human teeth, and immortality. They live forever, and several depicted vampires are hundreds of years of age or older. Their diet is based strictly on blood, and while human blood is prefered, they can survive by ingesting the blood of other animals (although one such vampire, Lenore, refers to cow blood as 'disgusting'). Vampires can only be killed by beheading, and then, they leave behind a corpse that can be examined to find their vampire teeth.

Type of Hierarchy

Vampires are organized into nests, with eight to ten vampires residing in each, with a mate for life. The younger members of the nest typically do the hunting for their elders, bringing back humans to be fed upon for days or even weeks.


Vampires reproduce virally, by injecting humans with their blood or having said humans drink their blood. This is the only known method of creation among vampires. Vampirism is rarely curable, with the only known cure being a ritual recorded by an ancestor of the Campbell family of hunters. The ritual requires the blood of the vampire who converted the subject, and will not work if the subject has ingested human blood. The conversion is painful, but no secondary effects are retained.

Powers & Abilities

  • Superstrength
  • Superagility
  • Supersenses
  • Invulnerability


As other supernatural creatures, they have weaknesses that hunters can use on their advantage to kill them.

  • Beheading - Beheading is the most used method to kill vampires.
  • Dead man's blood - The use of blood from the recently deceased can also be used as a method to incapacitate vampires briefly.
  • Sunlight - While sunlight can hurt them (John Winchester likened it to a really bad sunburn), it's not lethal as it only causes pain to vampires. Other kinds of lights can be harming to their eyes, as they shine more to them than to normal humans.
  • The Colt - As it can kill almost anything, can be used against vampires
  • Angels - Can can kill them without difficulty (Castiel killed Lenore by just placing his palm on her head).

Known Vampires