The Vampire Resurrection Ritual allows a deceased vampire to return to life and back into Earth. To date, there is only one known vampire who has been successfully revived with this method. How the vampire knew of such a ritual is unknown. It is possible that the ritual could be performed on the same vampire more than once, as Sam and Dean Winchester planned to perform the ritual on Benny for a second time.


After returning from Purgatory with the soul of the vampire Benny Lafitte in his arm, Dean locates Benny's grave and digs up his body. As part of the deal they made for Benny to lead Dean out of Purgatory, Dean uses this ritual to resurrect Benny who appears nearby moments after the ritual is completed.

Months later, in order to rescue Sam from Purgatory, Dean kills Benny with the plan for him to ride out of Purgatory in Sam's arm and then use the same ritual to resurrect him once more. While Benny agrees to this plan, he ultimately stays behind in Purgatory and the ritual is not performed a second time on him.


The ritual itself was rather simple, although the acquisition of the materials necessary for the ritual required complex procedures.


This required the vampire's skeletal remains, which might be difficult to locate if the vampire died several years or decades ago. The soul of the vampire is also an important ingredient of the ritual, and is possibly the hardest to acquire. Although powerful beings could release souls from other supernatural dimensions such as Purgatory, the only known method for a human to do so is to enter Purgatory itself and merge his or her soul with the vampire's. Once completed, the human must travel back to earth with the vampire's soul to complete the ritual.


Once the skeletal remains are located and the soul is secured, the performer of the ritual then releases the soul into the skeleton. Blood of the performer of the ritual would also drip into the skeleton. The following incantation must then be recited:

"Anima corpori. Fuerit corpus totem resurgent."

Once the chant has been recited, the remains then glows a bright red and the vampire is revived.

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