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Benny fights with vampires of the nest.

"Vampirates", or Vampire pirates, refers to the nest of vampires ruled by an ancient and powerful vampire known as "The Old Man". They would find private yachts heading for far away destinations, feed on the owners and then sink the boat to cover up their crimes. Benny Lafitte was originally part of this nest.


Boarded, burned, and buried at sea. My nest – that's how we fed... How we always fed. We kept a tight little fleet, maybe a half-dozen boats. Nothing ostentatious, just pleasure craft. I must have circled the Americas ten times during my tour. A few of us would act as stringers and patrol the harbors, looking for the right-size target – fat, rich yachts going to far-off ports. Take down the boat's name and destination, radio it to the crew in the water. And then we just, uh... let the ocean swallow up all our sins.
Benny Lafitte
in Blood Brother

This group were pirates for a presumably long time with their leader, The Old Man killing Benny Lafitte for falling in love with Andrea Kormos. However, The Old Man turned Andrea in revenge rather than kill her and she became his second-in-command. The operation continued until 2013 when a resurrected Benny and Dean Winchester teamed up together against the vampirates so Benny could get revenge for Andrea's believed death and protect himself from further attempts on his life. Benny killed Quentin and two others in a fight, but was captured while infiltrating the nest. Thanks to Andrea, Benny broke free and killed The Old Man (who didn't resist) and Sorento while Dean killed at least four more vampires, the rest of the operation besides Andrea. While Benny wanted to wipe the operation out completely, Andrea wanted to take it over and run it herself with Benny. With no choice, Dean killed her to save Benny and the operation was completely shut down.

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  • Ben Edlund, who wrote the episode Blood Brother, described them as "Technically, they are vampirates. It is about drinking blood of victims without further ramifications.[1]
  • Vampirates is a book series about vampires who were pirates.
  • This word was coined by Dean within the series.


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