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Uzziel is an angel that worked as one of Heaven' squad leaders. He worked under Zachariah's supervision.


While he had never left his post in Heaven previously, he had already watched many conflicts among humans, and was getting tired of it. When Zachariah came up with his plan to initiate the Apocalypse along with top tier Angels, he became interested in it. But soon, when he realized that the Demons could turn the tides of the ongoing apocalypse to their favor and derail it from the Angels' plan, he joined the squad to ensure that the apocalypse would go as planned by Heaven' executives.

Supernatural: Heart of the DragonEdit

At some point, after learning about the demon plot from Zachariah, he joined the squad and was sent into the interfaith conference in San Francisco. He later possessed a muscular looking pediatrician named Pierce.

Attending the conference along with his squad, he later teamed up with Ramiel. When Ramiel exposed the presence of the last part of the Stone of Hyginus in the religious figurine's possession, he gained the attention of the attendants, including Uzziel. Uzziel, who had never left his post before now, was stunned after seeing the legendary demonic relic for himself.

Suddenly, a team of demons rampaged, harming the religious figures and angels. A clash ensued between demons and angels. Uzziel joined with the other angels to battle the demon squad, separating him from Ramiel, who then encountered the religious figurine. Amid the chaos, it was later revealed that the religious figurine had in fact been possessed by a demon. The demon was powerful and injured Ramiel physically. The demon later unexpectedly pulled out an angelus iuguolo and stabbed Ramiel with it, fatally burning the angel, as well as his vessel. With his remaining strength, Ramiel was able to smite the demon seconds before his demise. With his last breath, Ramiel told Uzziel to destroy the angelus iuguolo and the Stone of Hyginus before the demons claimed it.

Uzziel was deeply saddened upon seeing the death of Ramiel. He later picked up the angelus iuguolo and atomized it, so the weapon could not be used again. He, with the other angels later escaped the scene, leaving bodies behind, and traveled to where the remaining Stone of Hyginus was stored, destroyed them as well for good.

In the aftermath, Uzziel later reported to Zachariah in a New York cafe about the mission. While the mission was a success, one angel had been lost. He also reported about the Winchesters and Castiel's efforts in combating The Heart of the Dragon, and warned Zachariah about Castiel's affiliation with the Winchesters. Zachariah later revealed that he had been long ago aware about it and knew that wherever Castiel found something new, the Winchesters would show up to deal with it together. Zachariah told Uzziel that, while the Winchesters were not playing the part as expected by him and Heaven' executives, they were still on the plan and helped the angels in the onset of the apocalypse. Growing upset, Uzziel planned to killed them all, however Zachariah refused, as no angels wanted to see the vessels of Michael and Lucifer (Dean and Sam respectively) die as they were needed for the final charge. Zachariah told Uzziel to hold his own and keep focused on the plan.

Power and AbilitiesEdit

Uzziel is a high-ranked angel, superior to Ramiel and other angels in his squad although he was subordinate to Zachariah.

  • Angelic Possession - In order to walk on earth, Ramiel need a vessel. Like Raphael, he also had a preference for a strongly built man of Afro-American descent.
  • Molecular Combustion - He displayed the ability to atomize objects that he targeted. He destroyed the angelus iuguolo and the Stone of Hyginus with this ability.



  • Uzziel shares some traits with Raphael. He also shared similar preferences of vessel, being that of a strongly built Afro-American person.
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