Holy grail... I never thought the realization of this show actually ending would disturb my current mood in such a way... I’ve been following the Winchesters since season two and it has influenced my life in such a big way like nothing else. So now kind of seeing the finish line is scary.

I honestly don't know how to feel about it. On one side I'm happy that the show is ending on the terms of the actors and not because of a cancellation. Also I sort of despise this current Dabb-Era, so... yeah... a bit terrified about how this guy will handle this finale season but also happy it can’t be butchered even further.

Even if it seemed that the show would go on "forever" (all the jokes about season 50 and so on) I believe everyone of us has pictured the end of this show in one way or another. But now havening the utter end actually approaching and hovering above us is unusual, odd, strange like something out of an alternative reality. Sure this announcement gets me in some sort of a bad mood but I think I would have been even more sad if the show ended way earlier where I was actually insanely addicted to it. Now with the plots and stuff happening since season 13 I simply don’t get the same hype anymore and therefore the end is not that crushing to me. I mean it’s like with other shows, even though you might not like them as much as you did, you’re happy that they are still around and going on. The characters are in some way active, “alive”. Not getting new Winchester stories in the future will need some time to get used to! But hey we will have what? Over 200 episodes in the end? 15 seasons? That’s a massive amount of Supernatural to take in, even if you have seen every episode already. So I’m satisfied with what we have and I’m especially happy for the actors who now will maybe get more time with their families! All in all why being sad? Sure it’s not the happiest thing to happen but we had a really awesome ride, stories, actors and wonderful people you won’t find anywhere else and still one last road to go.

How the show should actually end? Well, no friggin idea... there are many possibilities which all would fit for a finale adventure for/with the Winchesters. But my biggest wish for the plot would be to get rid of this over complicated angel stuff and maybe go for something a bit more demonic like the Shedim! I mean it started with demons why not let it end with a light demonic touch. Also maybe feature some popular monsters like the Chupacabra and/or other new monsters and show us how they are being portrayed in the SPN-universe. Also a bit of clarifications on certain things and looming questions like where do pagans go after their death? And like Tommy,Klaus&Kol2012+ has already written, give us another cool and goofy meta episode. So just give us the good Supernatural and make every episode count.

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