But what kind of decisions? And how were those AU Archangels created? Also by God or did they somehow created itself similar to what’s happening in this theory called „Many-worlds interpretation”?

What confuses me is, that Amara kinda targeted our universe/world to look for her brother. Now why did she do that? Why not going the same way as AU Michael and trying to find him in other reality’s? Why persisting on finding him especially in our universe? Are we God’s last creation and he moved on from creation because we were already perfect? If not and he moved on after our universe/world to create a new one or even many new ones, why didn’t Amara searched for him in those other/newer universes? And if God represents the light in this universe but he has moved on, how can he be the light in all this alternative universes and what happened in this AU universes while God was injured by Amara and dying… did no one notice that over there?

I may be too confused or overthinking certain things, but I’m just trying to understand what’s going on :) Also my English is far from perfect and especially not good enough to explain all my the questions I have in detail. So I hope it’s not too complicated for you to understand.

A pretty good and logical idea. It also reminds me of what Kali said in “Hammer of the Gods”:

“Your story. Not ours. Westerners, I swear. The sheer arrogance. You think you're the only ones on earth? You pillage and you butcher in your God's name. But you're not the only religion, and he's not the only God. And now you think you can just rip the planet apart? You're wrong. There are billions of us. And we were here first. If anyone gets to end this world, it's me. I'm sorry.”

Could be a quite logical way to put the pagan gods into some kind of important story line. Maybe not a main story but at least something :)

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