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Lucifer is like the kid who everybody loves and shows affection in family. There are other siblings, cousins but one child always gets the most attention and that is Lucifer. Eventually, the kid grows up and realizes that he isn't getting much attention like before. Of course he is still a beloved member of the family but since he grew up, he can't be the center of everything. The child either becomes furious and thinks he's worthless anymore or accepts the situation and acknowledges that he is no longer a child. Lucifer could not stand the attention mankind was receiving from his Father. Now there is a major question. If he did not have the Mark, would he still try to take action against his father's work or not? Perhaps he was provoked by its influence and he decided to take action against them which led to his punishment.

Afterwards is about Lucifer's personality. Lucifer thought he was betrayed and decided to turn everyone against God. For disrupting the order, he was kicked out from home by his father. At this point, Lucifer could apology and return to his home but instead he decided to corrupt humans in order to show everyone that he was right and God was wrong. As a result, Lucifer was punished and imprisoned. Now this is the most critical part. Lucifer always blamed others for everything and never self-criticized himself. He never took responsibility of what he did and faced himself. This is about his character. Even after removing the Mark off himself, he kept doing that. It is never too late for one to accept his mistakes and move on. But Lucifer was prideful. He could not have been wrong. From his point of view, his father was evil. But the truth is, Lucifer did everything to himself and blamed others for it. After being punished, his hatred towards humans increased. He loved his family, but his ambition was more important than everything.

Now there is also Michael, who was ordered to kill his younger brother when the time has come. When Lucifer offered him to walk away from the chessboard, he was right. They did not have to fight but Michael decided to listen to his Father. I think Michael knew Lucifer could never forgive humans and he won't be able to move on. Which is why he had to put an end to Lucifer. After Lucifer was released from the Cage, he did not had to start the Apocalypse. He could've get in Heaven and took responsiblity of what he had done but his actions showed that he did not change at all and that is why Michael knew he had to put an end to his brother. He even killed Gabriel, his brother for this cause.

As a result, I think Lucifer did everything to himself. He never acknowledged that he was wrong and took responsibility for it. One should be able to accept what he has done and move on. Lucifer was certainly not a victim. Probably Mark caused him to took action but he did not had to keep fighting his Father afterwards. From that point, everything happened is definitely his fault. He decided to be the adversary, not Mark of Cain.

Also there is an important point. In 11x22, God tells that it was his fault. He says that he was supposed to love everyone equally but he did not. He loved him the most. If he was treated same as others, probably he would never became jealous of the new baby and decided to end it. This is probably right, God's love turn Lucifer into evil. But that does not justify the everything Lucifer ever did which is why he is wrong and definitely not the victim here.

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