Inshort, this blog is for all the ideas/theories on the Word of God tablet written by Metatron. 

My theories on if and why a tablet for humans would exist. As the tablets were made for the defense of mankind. Logically it follows there could be a tablet to protect mankind as a whole, from individual parrts of it's. You know the needs of the many over the needs of the one. Or to protect itself from one human from gaining to much power. Ex. ffter all while RARE humans can tap the power of the soul, an unbreakabke source of energy.  So image if an evil human gained enough power to rule the planet, with supernatural means.

  • Sidenote theory. Also, it could have details for the knowledge regarding the original completely sin free designs that when Adam and Eve were made by God. After all it was said, through the Tree of Life in some stories and translations that the Tree of Life would grant immortality toward God's masterpieces in Eden.

These are FANFICTION quotes that I made if either God told or Metatron would have written on the human tablet. Like with the demon tablet. This is completely fanfiction and should not be consider canon. 

Quote from God as if he told Metatron what to write. " With this action, I offer complete and free salvation onto my last acts of creation. So with these words of mine, I save those from the ones that once saught to defy me.  My last gift to the protection of mankind, has brought redemption when my creations brought sin to the kingdom and paradise I gave to these works of art. "

Quote from Metatron as like his personal note on the Demon Tablet. "  With the last of these words spoke. The sacred word for the defense of mankind, gave them the original gift that God children were give in his kingdom on the Earth. "

These are both these theories and fanfictions of mine. Also, this blog is for those wishing to add their own theories  and fanfictions on anything on the Word of God. However, please reframe your stating another's theories or fanfiction are wrong; unless they aren't solely for the purpose of entertaiment.

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