not even counting the whole backlash of people being offended by god being evil, then who would you have chosen to be the final villian?

cause another point to take in that has also been mentioned by me and hell, in the show itself he is too powerful, possibly omnipotent so its going to look extremely phony in how he is taken down, in fact it will be the most phony takedown of any supernatural character from any fantasy franchise. I mean im still trying to process the winchesters overpowering the black eyed demons. Not to mention this whole thing of making god bad isnt new, preacher is doing it too. I mean I get the reason for making him bad, i get it but it still makes me uncomfortable in a few ways. it also takes away his arc in season 11 cause the whole point of his team up was cause he had to finally step in, it had to happen, but this reapparance feels forced in a way, it almost feels like this wasnt their original plan

personally i would have used the shadow i think, and it would have been interesting cause he/she, whatever it is has no lore on it, not really on how to stop it, at least with chuck, there are some ways he could go down, plus it would be symbolic and ironic that for the ruler of nothing would have nothing that could stop him, at least not until that moment, maybe like how chuck made the gun, an actual new supernatural killing weapon could be made

i will tell u i wouldnt have made jack the bad guy no matter how much they wanted to make us hate him, i really wouldnt have made lucifer the villian, nothing against him or pellengrino but enough is enough plus i hate tropes of using the devil as the final villian. Michael i wouldnt have used either, he didnt leave a great enough impact as i thought he would. I suppose they could have played off the remaining leviathans, pagans, demons, angels and witches to form a supergroup to take the winchesters down? I wouldnt make death or billie death the villian either cause she is on the same level as chuck of killing power.

the dark kaia/bad place story could have been used too and maybe it still will be as a way to bring wayward sisters back into the fold. I dont think another supernatural needed to be added though, as much as i enjoy the creature aspect over the brotherly aspect, there are too many creatures to keep up with as it is and we dont get a true version of them either cause of the costly effects

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