from all 14 seasons, a bad decision each season, what would they be? Cause this show isnt perfect imo, at times its almost perfect but its got flaws. There are some issues that span across the entire show:

deans unlikeability, i know im going to get a ton of hate for that but im sorry he comes off so unlikeable alot of times, he generally makes up for it but he fails to learn from it at the same time

the general phonyness, i can overlook it but at the end of the day its two humans taking out superior beings, it worked when dean had knight of hell powers and when sam had psychic powers but any other time they came at their superenemies as humans, it just looked so fake

the humor, luckily there isnt a constant fail of jokes, like i think the one where dean asks cass about protection during sex and he says i had my angel blade, that joke really worked, it was awesome but some jokes just didnt work for me but it wasnt a huge problem, but the ghostfacers, garth and charlie i believe the jokes failed the most with them

i guess the 4th worst decision is out of all the monsters they fought on weekly basis, not the big bads but just the weekly monsters, barely any of them come out as joining the winchesters, barely any of them, we cant even count lenore cause she wasnt really that bad to begin with plus they wasted her later on

but lets go through each season:

1-oddly enough i cant exactly think of one problem. I guess leaving the winchesters fates on a cliffhanger even though the show was renewed for season 2 presumably, that was a fail. I know im going to get hate for this too but i think they should have looked into more of why azazeal(yellow eyes at the time) did what he did rather than shoot first, ask questions later

2-i didnt like part 2 of the finale, it was a greatly action packed episode but i felt when they killed off jake, i did feel there was legit racism there, you could kind of argue the same with gordon earlier on but i felt jake didnt deserve to die and azazeal, i felt his death was phony, he had an opportunity to escape but he just stood there and took the bullet from the colt. People might be upset i didnt put johns death but i think the show made it clear it was about the boys, not john and the boys, he simply pushed them to this but he wasnt the main focus

3-again i cant really think of anything bad, i guess killing off henriksen, might have been another example of racism, he could have played an interesting role had he not died, he might have been able to create a police/hunter alliance with the boys as help in case they got in a tight spot

4-again, this is hard to think of bad decisions. Im not sure its a bad decision but zachariah was so unlikeable, kurt fuller is a great actor and did a great job playing a douchebag angel but zach was just so uncharismatic it hurt at times. At least with uriel, they tried to give him some humor and uriel could legit be a dangerous weapon by himself in a fight, zach did some things sure but he never fought. I guess ruby being bad the whole time was a bad decision of sorts, it felt forced

5-this season was almost perfect in some ways, i guess the episode swan song had it been the final ever episode, it was very underwhelming, i really wanted michael and lucifer to take a couple of punches at each other, yeah we got it later but at the time, it was just a boring finale imo, i honestly thought the finales up to that point were all very underwhelming

6-i didnt like making samuel and rufus into douchebags, rufus again, you could argue racism, idk, plus we never knew what his beef was with bobby about whatever, i thought eve being 10,000 years old just happened to bite into dean and die when he told her to bite him, that was incredibly stupid, like she couldnt predict he'd had taken phoenix ash?, i guess it was like there was no one else to stop her at the time but even so, it was forced af. I also didnt like in a few ways how they tried to make cass out to be a villian, i didnt like that

7-people are going to be shocked but i didnt hate the leviathans, in fact they were some of my favorite antagonists, idk why season 7 has this reputation of being so bad, i thought it was pretty good. Bobbys death sucked i guess but it was probably needed, plus he comes back anyways. Its hard to think of anything truly wrong with that season. I guess dean being a dick again and being reluctant to forgive cass was a bad decision. people might be upset i didnt put god cass as the main villian and they just switched from him to the leviathans but i didnt mind that, looking back, im glad they didnt use cass as the season 7 main villian. 

8-i dont like the men of letters setup, i think the men of letters is one of the stupidest storylines they brought into the show. I guess i also didnt like how the entire season was about closing hell and in the end they dont even close it, they dont even use it as leverage, it just stops. I didnt think the cliffhanger of the angels falling was as epic as some people might think. Visually it looked really cool but like a bunch of angels being trapped on the earth?, i didnt think that was a big deal tbh especially considering now they can go back and forth to heaven.

9-i think the finale once again was pretty poorly done, the fight between dean and metatron was okay but i felt they tried to make us hate this guy too much, i didnt even think his plan was villianous and worth him dying over. I also didnt like how he had no backup in case the angel tablet was destroyed and even he made a good point, what was the point of doing that?

10-i mean part of me wished they kept deanmon on longer as the villian but i liked that there wasnt an actual villian, it was more of containing the villian and getting rid of it, dean was very unlikeable at times though, like his worst was in the episode where he hunts down the stynes, how he treated them and sam nonetheless, it made me sick. I also dont like he was able to kill death, death is supposed to be this genius or something and he just happens to bring the one weapon that can kill him to dean to use?, cmon, i cant take that seriously. The finale itself was another weak one, that is something i should have posted as a constant bad decision, the spn finales arent really that good imo, they arent action packed and worth that wait, its mostly just talking and the rest of the season gets the action which doesnt make sense to me.

11-i like amara, dont get me wrong but her being there defeats the purpose of the duality of good and evil considering we now know things about chuck, her and lucifer so the whole point is defeated imo. The finale wasnt bad, in fact it was a bit different but in a good way.

12-i didnt really hate that much, i guess killing off mick was a bad decision in hindsight cause they decided to redeem ketch over him which i dont hate that decision but then why did they kill off mick? and even toni bevell, she didnt need to die, she could have been a great ally to the boys. That is another constant bad decision i forgot to put, i dont want to label the writers as racists and sexists but they didnt exactly treat black people and women with the best respect over those 14 seasons, please dont bring up wayward sisters cause that was an experimental pilot that didnt even get the greenlight, plus it doesnt change the fact of how the other women and blacks got treated on the show

13-the first few episodes were hard to sit through cause of how dean treated jack, it was disgusting, i guess that is another constant theme the last 2 seasons, the writers really tried hard to make us hate this guy simply cause he is lucifers son, they really believed in the sins of the father theme. I actually though enjoyed season 13, i guess the shedim not appearing was a letdown. Season 13 probably had one of, if not the best finale in the shows history, cause it was mostly action packed and finally gave us michael vs lucifer, problem is, it wasnt this cataclysmic event that was teased in season 5 that would wipe out half the planet, secondly lucifer clearly should have won if you saw the ending to that fight

14-i think bringing on nick only to kill him and have him fail to bring back lucifer was a dumb decision. I didnt like their logic either, apparently cause he was possessed by an archangel, only the archangel dies but then what about gabriel and michaels vessel?, why did they die? Um again they tried hard to make us hate jack near the end. I understood why they made chuck the true villian but i didnt like the reasoning behind it. The finale was quite weak until the last like 5 minutes. Bobby was also very unlikeable in that season and the one before it, whether or not he said balls or idjit doesnt matter, he was just a douchebag to be around. i didnt put marys death even though i kinda should, what was even the point of bringing her back anyways?, i guess to have that closure with john and the boys, cause technically sam and her never truly met.

but those are the main bad decisions in the shows history, i know season 15 isnt going to be perfect but hopefully there arent as many bad decisions and mistakes

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