this is what i want to see:

first off i would love if they found a way to redeem chuck if thats possible, idk how they will do it though, its going to be tricky

also more action and i guess for now the epic final battle will be against chuck? I highly doubt cass, sam and dean died in that battle against those demons but even if they did, im sure they will get brought back by someone

as many cameos as you can get 

now that chuck has opened hell, maybe the other residents down there we know from before-nick, um michael(earth 1 michael that is possessing adam), the shedim will come back. People are saying the dead demons will come back but its important to establish the dead demons are in the empty, a completely seperate dimension

if chuck is to remain bad, then they need to find a way to unlink him from the universe, im assuming jack may have a role to play in that

and answer any unanswered questions, we still have some, not that many but there are some. 

im both excited and nervous for next season, what do u all want to see now that this season 14 finale is over?

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