With all the talk of whom people want to come back, out of curiousity whom do you not want to come back? Cause an article I read yesterday said they plan on bringing people back whom people arent expecting to return so this tells me more hated characters. Btw in that same article they said there are no plans to bring back john cause they considered episode 300 as a form of closure, although I wouldnt have minded seeing john and azazeal team up to fight chuck or maybe finally a scene between john and bobby or john and castiel so im a bit dissapointed he aint coming back.

out of the people i dont want to see back, its usually people that are unlikeable or just flat out boring:

i mean this is 14 seasons we're talking about so its hard to remember everyone and yes i havent seen every episode of the show yet. One that comes to mind is that one chick, i dont remember her name but she was the psychic sam met in season 2 that turned out to be bad and used demons to kill andy, i know she died but im sure she could come back, i didnt like her apart from her power

brianna buckmasters character, that cop sheriff she plays, i dont care to see her again but its not cause she is fat, its cause she is annoying, i dont like her personality

and just to show its not just some women, there are some men too, zachariah, uriel, rufus, gordon and bobby 2. If the actor who played gordons friend wasnt dead in real life, I wouldnt want him back either, sorry. There are alot of angels I dont want back either. Basically unless all these people return and change their ways, then I dont want them back.

I know some people fans wont want to see back are metatron, michael and yes lucifer. I do want them back, I enjoyed them. But curious to hear ur picks.

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