Hearing about adam coming back is great and all but im more interested in seeing if michael is still inside him cause we havent heard anything about mike returning, I mean lucifer said he was basically insane when he last saw him but keep in mind we see lucifer in the cage post season 5 and no michael in sight, its not even that lucifer said he is there but is invisible, he just wasnt there so that gets me worried.

But a question I think is long overdue on us knowing is dean had no problem persay giving his body to michael, it was that he was worried about the humans being collateral damage, so my issue is why didnt dean just make conditions with michael to keep everyone out of harm or else he'd eject him or just take it somewhere else?, dean literally said that to michael when they first met.

If michael does answer him back, it would probably be him saying he couldnt because chuck ordered him to do the final battle on earth and he obeyed chuck and didnt question why as part of chucks twisted plan.

michael you know, he has the potential to be a huge ally or huge enemy to the winchesters this last season, he could either continue to be chucks bodyguard son or disobey him, sadly I see the former not the latter but im not disqualifying it, maybe michael cried out to chuck in the cage for years and never got an answer and michael wants revenge. 

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