I watched a panel that had Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) talking to the fans and answering their questions. One fan asked what happened to the Antichrist, and Ackles responded that he didn't know, but he said that it could've possibly been a potential storyline that the writers discarded due to time constraints. That got me thinking, what other potential storylines do you guys think were dropped/discarded throughout the seasons? I definitely think the Shedim is one, seeing how they were introduced to be a fierce, and frightening group of creatures. I'm thinking maybe they were going to be season 15 big bads, but I know that the CW wouldn't let the show do shorter seasons, so they have to ultimately end the show at season 15. I also think Metatron being another archangel was another dropped storyline, possibly because it was too convoluted or they thought that it would make Metatron too powerful. What storylines do you guys think were dropped? 

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