So, I did these calculations years ago (shortly after "Mannequin 3: The Reckoning" aired), but I had hoped others had too and waited for them to post. Then I went AWOL from this wiki for years. Seeing as how nobody has posted this since then, I guess I will.

I was curious: just how long did Sam's soul spend in Lucifer's Cage for it to feel like it had been "skinned alive"? How long must it have been in there for it to be able to kill Sam or otherwise severely damage his psyche?

With the time frame provided in "Mannequin 3: The Reckoning" (1-2 minutes on Earth = 1 week in the cage), I calculated that Sam spent from 5,040 to 10,080 years (approximately 5 to 10 millennia) in Lucifer's Cage. That's 126 to 252 times Dean's "stay" in Hell. So, why didn't Sam turn into a demon? Is he so strong as to withstand nonstop torture for millennia without cracking? Dean cracked after 30 years, and Sam's Hell was much worse. Must there be some kind of willingness from the being doing the torturing to turn the one being tortured into a demon? Or, because it was basically a hallucination, is the time frame off?

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