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    I've heard a lot of people bash Michael, saying his "teaming up" with the monsters is absurd, but it's really not. I'll explain.

    Consider his actions in Apocalypse World. He tried to create a world he considered perfect by purging those he deemed unworthy, but he eventually realized he'd made a mistake.

    In Sam and Dean's universe, he's trying to do something similar, but different. He wants to find beings he considers worth saving and create their version of a perfect world.

    With the humans, he saw that they only told him what they believed he wanted to hear. They're cowards and liars. They're not worth saving.

    The angels - the few that are left, that is - are broken, fallen, flawed, human. They're not worth saving.

    The demons are not worth savin…

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  • Orion Invictus

    Although he was corrupted by the Mark, God said it just made him "more of what [he] already [was]". In other words, it simply brought out the worst in him. However, his worst is not like other angels', or even other monsters'.

    He crushed a woman's skull and said he liked how warm and wet it was. He tortured Sam to the point he went insane just to pass the time, something not even Dean went through, even though his torture was necessary to free Lucifer in the first place. Castiel said Sam's soul felt like it had been "skinned alive" from the torture it had endured.

    On the other hand, from his PoV, he was betrayed, time and time again, blamed for everything that ever went wrong, and all he wanted to do was to make God proud, albeit in his own …

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    How tall are you?

    April 26, 2018 by Orion Invictus

    Just for fun, how tall are you, compared to the cast members? As in, who's the cast member who's closest to your height, and are you taller or shorter than that person?

    I'll start: I'm taller than Jared. Yes, really.

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  • Orion Invictus

    With the War of the World being nigh, I still think the Shedim will be released, but on purpose, to fight against the invaders. Likely the monsters from The Bad Place as well.

    Jack might be able to restore the angels' wings as well, but I don't think he can make more. If he can, however, I presume they won't have broken wings like the others.

    S14 will probably involve hunting down the Shedim and the monsters from The Bad Place.

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    I'm talking about the usual "Big Bad shows up for the first few episodes, goes off the grid even though it should be physically impossible for it to do so, shows up mid-season, disappears again, and returns during the last 2-3 episodes for a big finale". Jack could have been kept around in the bunker, training his powers. No need to make every episode about him, just give him something to do instead of having the Winchesters calling up hunters (again) that find nothing (again) even though Jack is an inexperienced Nephilim whose power is so great, a Prophet who'd met God thought he WAS God. He doesn't know how to suppress his power any more than he knows how to control it, and yet we're supposed to believe he can just hide?

    I like this serie…

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