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  • NickHunter26

    In the real world, there is three possibilities concerning the existence of God:

    1. He exists and is a benevolent being like described by believers.
    2. He exists and is a sadistic entity that drives pleasure from humanity's misery, as said by maltheists.
    3. He simply doesnt exists.

    And the more and more I think about it, but the meaning of life in Supernatural is pretty dark.

    Chuck is a real God, that exist, but is neither totally good, neither totally evil, it's far worse: he is uncertain. He doesn't know what is the right way of moral, he just know the facts. He's like us, he is a guy trying to do his best, but will never be completely good, because he has defaults. He can be selfish, arrogant and proud as seen in Season 11. Take this line from the Bi…

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  • NickHunter26

    First of all: i'm french. So excuse for the bad english. Okay, i know that the writers have probably forgot him but in the logic of the series it makes no sense: Jesse is the eighth more powerful person in the all Universe: 1. The Darkness; 2. God; 3. Death; 4. Michael; 5. Lucifer; 6. Raphael; 7. Gabriel; 8. Jesse (not counting soul-enhanced Castiel and tablet-enhanced Metatron). And as Lucifer come back on Earth, he probably get his nigh-omnipotent powers back. So why they didn't call him for help in the final battle ? He could have make the difference. Explanation ?

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