Hello! I'm Mono, and I'm representing Fandom's Vanguard team. We're users who volunteer to help communities adopt to new technologies and features, like content portability. We've identified Supernatural Wiki as a high priority for introducing the Portable Infobox tool, which has a lot of benefits for your community. Rather than get into all of the metrics and numbers (though I can present some of those if you're interested), I'll keep it simple. I'd like to reproduce as much as possible the look and feel of your desktop infoboxes in global CSS, and work to update the Infobox templates themselves so that they can be accessible on any current and future platform. Maintaining them if you want to make changes should be very simple.

Non-Portable Infobox (link) Portable Infobox (link)
Dean_nPI.png Dean_PI.png

If I can do this successfully for some of your most commonly used Infoboxes, can we work together to do all of them? We'd really like to get working on your community, but we would appreciate your go-ahead. Also, if you have any questions, or this is the wrong venue for this kind of a discussion, please let me know. Thanks!

Template Drafts

  • Template:RecurringCharacters/Draft
  • Template:MinorCharacters/Draft
  • Template:Items/Draft
  • Template:Infobox Television episode/Draft
  • Template:Creatures/Draft
  • Template:Locations/Draft
  • Template:Infobox Season/Draft
  • Template:Infobox Comic/Draft
  • Template:Novel/Draft
  • Template:Actor/Draft
  • Template:Actor Infobox/Draft
  • Template:ComicCharacters/Draft
  • Template:Organization/Draft
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