Hi folks, do you believe that Lucifer will appear in this season as some sort of key to remove the mark?

I found this interview with Jeremy Carver on season 10 and I think that there's a hint:

IGN: It seems like there's been a theme this season of people from the past returning. Claire's in Castiel's life,
Rowena has shown up for Crowley, and Cole visited Dean. Is Sam going to have anyone from his past show up in the back half of the season?

Carver: Yes. The coy answer would be yes, but not in the way you're asking. Sam will have to deal with someone from his past but not necessarily like everyone else.
That's the best answer I can give you.

Is that Carvers way of saying: Yes, Sam will have to deal with Lucifer.....again!

+ Metatron said the mark is some kind of a God-level or Lucifer-level curse.

what's your opinion on that?

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