Edit 09.12.2015: Blog closed by me, since the verdict was spoken:

Closed - EmpyreanSmoke will be desysopped and blocked for two months.

Original post:

I have recently contacted the wikia staff and reported them about the lying admin EmpyreanSmoke. They responded me some minutes ago and told me that communities are in charge of their wikia. They can remove his admin rights and ban him permanent (He is currently blocked by TD5) if it's the communities choice. I was encouraged to make this a community decision, therefore I open this blog.

EmpyreanSmokes blog


It was my own information that I had made up, not coming from her.
I am sorry for all the trouble this Q&A has caused, and for lying to the wikia.
She wasn't the one giving these answers, I was the one answering these questions.

I support EmpyreanSmoke's infinite ban and the removal of his admin right's for the following reasons:

1.He lied to the whole community over months, claiming to know a supernatural writer, though under the pressure of our "investigations", he finally admitted that it was all a lie. He lied to so many people who followed his blog and finally removed all the evidences.

2.Last year, he was blocked for a something similar, he wanted bureaucrat rights and created two fake accounts in order to vote for himself. He says that his cousins created these accounts (They shared the same IP), it's up to you to decide.

3.He caused edit wars, because some people actually believed him and wanted to add that stuff from the blog into the articles while other don't.

Edit 27.11.2015:

4. He still claims to know a writer, he basically only admits that those anwers were his answers, not coming from that writer. Even now, he is unable to confess the he doesn't know a writer at all, so he is still lying.

Edit 07.12.2015:

I encouraged the users Sakis.N, Reka12452, FTWinchester and Gabriel456 to also leave their thoughts regarding this case. This blog stays open for commenting until Calebchiam decides that enough users shared their thoughts on that matter.

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