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    Before anyone says "Stop watching the show if you don't like it" I liked the season before "A Happy Few" aired but the episode was in fact so full of flaws, that it virtually ruined the show, at least for me.

    Amara can remove Magic from existence but at the same time it is possible that 5 witches can hurt her ? What if 5000 witches would have participated in the attack ? Can magic "run out of power" ?
    Amara can remove Hell from existence but can't immediately annihilate a dozen of demons  ? She was weakened but still, minutes later she overpowered God and Lucifer simultaneously.
    The angel smite was well done, but in "The Devil in the Details" it effected the area far more than this time. When Dean came closer to the impact area he almost die…
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  • Lambda1

    Your favorite SPN episodes

    December 14, 2015 by Lambda1

    Which are your 10 favorite SPN episodes ?

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  • Lambda1

    Edit 09.12.2015: Blog closed by me, since the verdict was spoken:

    Original post:

    I have recently contacted the wikia staff and reported them about the lying admin EmpyreanSmoke. They responded me some minutes ago and told me that communities are in charge of their wikia. They can remove his admin rights and ban him permanent (He is currently blocked by TD5) if it's the communities choice. I was encouraged to make this a community decision, therefore I open this blog.

    EmpyreanSmokes blog

    I support EmpyreanSmoke's infinite ban and the removal of his admin right's for the following reasons:

    1.He lied to the whole community over months, claiming to know a supernat…

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    What do you think ? It's not about power, it's about how evil a character is according to your very own definition of the term. My own list: 1) Lilith 2) Alastair 3) Amara (that may change, but as of now, I consider her as not as evil as Alastair and Lilith) 4) Crowley 5) Lucifer 6) God 7) Zachariah Lambda1 (talk) 01:14, October 16, 2015 (UTC)

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    Character tiering

    October 9, 2015 by Lambda1

    I think we should develop a character tiering system for this wiki. Advantages would include:

    • Collecting all power related questions and discussions of characters on one page.
    • More compact comparision of characters.
    • An interested reader could quickly gain information of the power of a character just by looking at his classification.


    • Non linear power scale of Supernatural (Rock-Stone-Scissor principle) makes it quit difficult to develop such a system.

    What do you think ?

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