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Supernatural fans will be thrilled to hear that news of the 300th episode of Supernatural, which is part of season 14 and will be broadcast soon, has been unveiled. All the details in this blog post!

Previous episodes

Let's go back a bit and go back to the hundredth and the two-hundredth episode of Supernatural.

SPN 5x18 fichier 1

In episode eighteen of season five which was the hundredth episode of the series, Dean begins to think that the only way to stop Lucifer is to say "yes" to Michael , but the angels decide that they do not. do not need him anymore. Dean, Sam and Castiel are horrified by the new game plan of the angels and decide to confront Zachariah to prevent a total war on Earth.


The story that revolves around Dean being Archangel Michael's ship is sort of the plot of the fourteen season that's been airing for about two months because at the end of the season thirteen Dean had agreed to combine his strength to Archangel Michael coming from the apocalyptic world to kill Lucifer but Michael had another plan in mind. He let Dean kill his enemy but then he took full possession of Dean's body leaving his host feeling drowning in his own body.

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In episode five of season ten we celebrate the two-hundredth episode of Supernatural, the plot of this special Fan Fiction? Dean and Sam investigate the mysterious disappearance of a teacher in a girls-only school, and they are shocked to learn that school children are working on a musical adapted from Carver Edlund's Supernatural book series.

If we go back a little bit, we know that this book series narrate the whole life of Sam and Dean since their beginnings in supernatural hunting. What we learn in season eleven, a little later, is that the book series is actually not written by a prophet who has visions of the adventures of Sam and Dean but is actually written by God himself. same, which is revealed to the two Winchester brothers during a pandemic created by the Darkness. Indeed, God has written this series of books so that in the future it will become the Gospel of the Winchester, a series narrating the adventures of these two heroes hunting things and saving lifes.

What does episode 300 hold?


The episode three hundred of Supernatural will be the thirteenth episode of season fourteen. Fourteen season showrunner Andrew Dabb revealed some crisp news during the San Diego Comic Con to TVLine.

According to Andrew Dabb and I quote: "The hundredth episode was very serious while the two-hundredth went completely in the opposite direction, he was very meta with comments on the series. For the three-hundredth episode, we want to do something in between."

Jensen Ackles Andrew Dabb Comic Con International d-MNYSbfgEsl

Andrew Dabb later added: "The idea we have is that for years Sam and Dean have been living in the bunker in a small town called Lebanon, Kansas that really exists. But since they are in the area, we have never really seen Lebanon in the series. We have never seen what the people of the city think of these two guys running through the city in their car."

According to Andrew Dabb, the episode will be from an outside point of view on the two brothers, he ended by saying: "So what do people think of Sam and Dean?" integrated story. We think it could be a real love letter to the series and we hope it's warm to the heart but with a murder."

Small return on the new season

If we take a look back at the six episodes that have been aired in the new season, we can say that we are looking forward to the return of certain characters including Bobby and Charlie, both from the apocalyptic world, two characters whose the death had terribly shocked us and whose return pleases us.

SN1405a 0105b

Another mention is the talent of Jensen Ackles for his new role, that of Angel Michael. His role has for the moment been brief but very well interpreted: fans love how the actor appropriates the character to play it in his own way. We must not forget to mention also the beginnings of his wife, Danneel Ackles , in the role of Angel Anael. Both are good pair and seeing them together on the big screen makes us very happy. Also for the couple Jared Padalecki and Genevieve Cortese, who played together at the beginning of the series, where the wife of Jared played the role of Ruby in season four.

SN1406B 0309b

In Episode Five and Episode Six of Season Fourteen, we also learned about the old life of Bobby Singer and Charlie Bradbury from the apocalyptic world, with breathtaking details ... Like when Bobby lost his son because the Angels abducted him during the War and also when Charlie Bradbury lost the woman of her life. We are happy to know that they will be able to have the chance to start all over again in the world of Sam and Dean, after the tragedy they experienced in the world they were before.

The return of Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Dean Sam John

To be more specific, fans have been waiting for more than 11 years. John Winchester, Sam and Dean's father, appeared for the last time in the season 2 finale, when he escaped through the open door of hell and helped his boys kill Azazel. Of course, it was after John's death, during the first part of Season 2, when John sacrificed himself to save Dean. Needless to say, Sam and Dean were not very able to talk to their father before he died. And now they will finally have the chance to see him again.

Andrew Dabb, said, “We’re incredibly excited to have Jeffrey back for this milestone episode, and think fans will love what we have planned for his character… and a few other surprise guest stars.”

There are not yet details about John's return or what it might mean for his boys, but we know that the third hundred episode of Supernatural titled Lebanon will air on the CW Channel on Thursday, February 7th at 8pm.

End message

To finish this blog post I wanted to make a little return on the episode three hundred. So what do you think of the fact that we will have the right to an outside point of view on the appearance of Sam and Dean in the small town of Lebanon in Kansas? This is the first time we are going to get a glimpse of the city where Sam and Dean have lived since they found the Men of letter's Bunker. Leave your comments and I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Also if you find some mistakes I am sorry about this. This is a translation of my original post in French so it might have some errors.