So, I'm starting to have a tiny glimmer of hope that Supernatural might end with the world still spinning and Sam and Dean not in hell or any other permanent suffering. Maybe. I'm still not sure the writers want to give a happy ending to the characters they get off on torturing so much but it sounds like there might be a chance.

But even if it does... What of Seasons 1-14? They don't matter anymore. Nothing that happened in those seasons means anything so I could never rewatch any of them the same way, not even my favorite ones.

Furthermore, Lilith was revived, and there is zero chance of her dying ever again, even if they had a weapon or being that kills demons on her level, she wanted Sam to kill her last time to release Lucifer, there is no reason for her to want to die again unless there's another ritual that can revive Lucifer, in which case, replace the white-eyed demon with an archangel. How many of their other enemies are going to be permanently revived? Azazel, maybe?

Again, it still rubs me the wrong way that no matter what happens with Sam, Dean, or God, Lilith will remain on the loose forever eating babies.

And of course the thing with Kevin and Eileen being unable to go to heaven ever.

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