Between a certain event in Season 14 that just felt forced, and a pretty weak event leading up to it, and the season failing to be as interesting as the previous 13 to me, I'm thinking about ignoring the season altogether. (Which I am likely to do with Season 9 of another show that's getting stale and may also pull a similar trick)

Does anyone else share my sentiments?

Does anyone think the season might pick up soon? (We've only got 6 episodes left, UNLESS Episode 300 is the mid-season hiatus, in which case they'll keep us waiting AGAIN)

My brother is starting to lose interest in the show, and he just finished Season 11.

Personally I thought the show stayed interesting to the end of Season 13, which is quite a feat for a show going on that long. I know that seasons start a little slow, but Season 14 hasn't really been fun for me, and plus that sort of weak moment, and also Castiel being captured easily by demons...

(As for the conclusion to the Michael thing, I have my own little headcanon ready for that if need be - my initial prediction after Season 13 ended)

Besides, what if 14 isn't the last season? What if they're planning a Season 15 after this? A show can only go on for so long.

If anyone liked the season, I won't judge, and might give it a chance to pick up.

(Warning: If you haven't seen Unhuman Nature, spoilers may follow in the comments)