Deep down I know this was just a throwaway appearance and she won't return and get what's coming to her again for eating babies and possessing little girls. But I really want to see her re-killed, though of course I also kinda don't want a permanent revival for Azazel. And unlike Rowena and Ketch, I don't think someone like her is redeemable. (Damn, I forgot Ketch is dead too. After redemption I didn't want him to die again. Why re-kill Rowena and Ketch post-redemption but not Lilith still evil?)

Is there any chance Lilith might return and be re-killed? If God revives Azazel, any chance of him being re-killed as well or will all their previous antagonists make a single episode throwaway appearance (minus the reformed ones like Crowley, Rowena, and Metatron)? Eve, Raphael, Dick, Abaddon, Doctor Hess (she should've been one of the ghosts), Asmodeus, maybe even Alternate Michael?

Even if Sam and Dean win I'd hate for either Lilith or Azazel to remain on the loose forever.

Edit: Though they DID mention wanting to hunt her down in Last Call, so there is a faint glimmer of hope they're not just gonna forget about her.

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