Hey guys! I don't know about you guys, but I CANT WAIT for the next episode! LUCIFER!!!! Anyways, I wanted to see your guys' plot ideas/predictions for the end of the season, and the next season. Here is my idea for how it should go down: Lucifer and Michael get let out of the cage to help fight the darkness. Lucifer ressurects Nick as a vessel and Michael uses Adam again. In the season finale, Michael and Lucifer go up to Heaven and rally the Angels. Like in O Brother, Heaven unifies its power and smites Amara, only this time it uses the combined power of the two honcho archangels, all of the lower Angels, and even the souls pitch in energy! The blast of light fills the whole sky and pummels on Amara. After several minutes of this, the blast wave is over, and it left a huge crater on the planet, with Amara blown to the bottom. Lucifer goes down there and re-attaches the mark onto his arm from the one on her shoulder. Then he snaps his fingers and virtually erases her. Now he gets the power back from the darkness. Then he kills Michael, and takes his grace. He offers to trade Metatron Michael's grace for the angel tablet. Metatron accepts, and then Lucifer powers up with the angel tablet. Then he resurrects Death, only to steal his ring and put it on. The Winchesters now have to stop an archangel powered by God, The Darkness, and Death. Tell me what you think of my idea and share your own!!!!!

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