Darchangel 66 Darchangel 66 18 February 2016

The Vessel

I absolutely loved tonight's episode! I have a few discussion topics/questions popping up in my head if any of you want to jump in.

  • Lucifer said he thought all the Hands of God were destroyed in the flood. The Ark of the Covenant and the Tablets of Moses were made WAY after the flood.
  • Why didn't the Winchesters just go after the tablets? They also have God power in them.
  • When did the Men of Letters learn about Angels? The woman of letters didn't know they existed.
  • What the hell is up with the Supernatural timeline? All those ancient weapons were found in Lucifer's crypts. When the hell was he locked up in hell? After huge civilizations arose?
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Darchangel 66 Darchangel 66 20 January 2016

Castiel (Jimmy) as Lucifers vessel

Hi guys. In the new promos I noticed a few things that lead me to the conclusion that Lucifer will possess Castiel/Jimmy.

  • Dean said "We're gunna save Cas, we're gunna ice the devil, and we're gunna shank the darkness". This means Cas will need saving and Lucifer will be free.
  • Castiel was all feeling up Rowena in the promo.

Remember who Rowena was crushing on in the last episode? Lucifer.

  • This photo

shows Sam and Dean looking at a blinding white light in the cage.

I think this is enough to say that Lucifer will use Castiel as a host...

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Darchangel 66 Darchangel 66 29 December 2015

Ending for season 11/Plot for season 12

Hey guys! I don't know about you guys, but I CANT WAIT for the next episode! LUCIFER!!!! Anyways, I wanted to see your guys' plot ideas/predictions for the end of the season, and the next season. Here is my idea for how it should go down: Lucifer and Michael get let out of the cage to help fight the darkness. Lucifer ressurects Nick as a vessel and Michael uses Adam again. In the season finale, Michael and Lucifer go up to Heaven and rally the Angels. Like in O Brother, Heaven unifies its power and smites Amara, only this time it uses the combined power of the two honcho archangels, all of the lower Angels, and even the souls pitch in energy! The blast of light fills the whole sky and pummels on Amara. After several minutes of this, the bl…

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