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Anonyme Tät Anonyme Tät 12 October 2019

What do you think is the Typ of Belphegor

What do you think was the kind of Belphegor? Because he said that he is neither one of the crossroad demons, nor a black-eyed demon. I have come up with alternative eye colors for it

1. Special Samhain Demon (Blue-gray/multicolor-Eyed)

2.Bisaan (Green-Eyed)

3.Kareen (Orange-Eyed)

4.First / Ancient Demons (White-Eyed)

5.He is what Unique, what has not been known yet

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Anonyme Tät Anonyme Tät 6 May 2019

what do you think is the most powerful weapon

We've discovered incredibly powerful weapons throughout the series, such as Death's Scythe, the Equalizer, the First Blade, Kaias spear, The Colt, Archangel Blade, Lance of Michael and so on. My question to you is, what do you think is the list of the most powerful and powerful weapons in the entire series supernatural?

1.Angel Tablet > Demom Tablet > Leviathan Tablet

2.Death's Scythe

3.Lance of Michael=The Spear (object)

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