Alastair is a white-eyed demon and possibly the second demon ever created [1]. Even though most of his past is unknown, his millennium of ancient knowledge suggests that he is almost as old as Lilith. He called Castiel "Kiddo", [2] much like the Princess of Hell Dagon called Castiel as a child. Uriel also seemed to know him, much like Castiel knew Ramiel as if it were a very exceptionally ancient demon. It is thus hinted that he has had several experiences with angels.

According to Andrew Dabb is not absolutely sure whether Alastair will come again soon [3] . I am the only one who wants Alastair to be back on the screen soon. I am the only one who wants Alastair's comeback.

I also wonder when the show finally states that Alastair was irrefutably the second oldest demon in existence to have been the myth of the show.


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