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Hello there, I'm Winterz and Supernatural is more than just one of my favorite TV Shows, it's an addiction ;). I'm more of an editor in Wikis like Wookieepedia (Star Wars Wiki) and The One Ring Wiki (Lord of the Rings-related Wiki) but decided to help out in this wikia, as our favorite show deserves the best treatment and organization of information, that we can arrange, all help is needed I'm sure.

Sandbox for ongoing projects Edit

Category:Utility templates (Completed, awaiting to be accepted)Edit

This category is mostly for meta-templates that are to be used for utilities like in the creation of other templates and is not to be used by the general public.


Template:Hide (Still in works) Edit

This template is to be used whenever a large list is introduced in an article. This way, it won't make the article too long, unless the user chooses so. (click 'edit' to view the source code)



Template:Rt (Completed, awaiting to be accepted) Edit

This template will bold and center the text and is an utility to be used in several future templates, including the Conjecture one (click 'edit' to view the source code)

[[Category:Utility templates]]

Template:Rb (Completed, awaiting to be accepted)Edit

This is another utility template which will be used in other templates' codes, to automatically categorize articles with said template (click 'edit' to view the source code)

[[Category:Utility templates]]

Template:Conjecture (Awaiting other essential templates to be accepted)Edit

The title of this article is conjectural.

Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual this subject was never officially named and is pure conjecture.


Category:Infobox templates (Completed, awaiting to be accepted)Edit

This category is basically to connect all infobox templates on the Supernatural Wiki.

VampireCharacters infobox Edit

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