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Shocking as it may be, NaiflidG is not actually my real name (cue Jazz Hands of Shock). It isn't even what I meant to go with; that was supposed to be naiFlidG, as a private little joke, but I messed up when creating my account. Anywho, it ain't my real name but call me NaiflidG (or naiFlidG) when I'm on here.

Debating crap (especially crap that never gets explained in-series) is a favorite past-time of mine. If you've got a different opinion, let me hear it; if you make a good point, maybe you'll sway me on something. I like to think that I'm fair and unbiased when editing and when in discussions with other users. I'll listen to what you have to say and take it into account if what you say makes sense to me. That said, I also am contrary by nature and change my mind a lot, so, I dunno. You've got like a fifty-fifty chance depending on the day and how strongly I feel about the subject.

I try to never demean, bully, or ignore you. If I come off that way at any point in any way, I'm sorry and I probably didn't want to hurt your feelings--unless you're acting like a jackass, in which case I probably am ignoring you because I can't stand jackasses. If you're not a jackass, it's probably a misunderstanding, I probably like you, and we're probably bros--best bros, even.

NaiflidG-Heavy Articles on This Wretched Wikia of Scum and Villainy[]

My Current Goals for This Wikia[]

  • Adding to episode pages in terms of continuity, trivia, goofs, etc.
  • Fleshing all articles out to include more in-depth information as well as the article subject's appearances in tie-in Supernatural products
  • Getting navigation boxes for this site
  • Rewriting all articles to include citations, discard biases and speculation, and (for characters) be in character biography format

My Favorite Pages[]

Pages I Created From Scratch[]

Pages I Didn't Create From Scratch But That Are Still My Babies Because I Put So Much Work Into Them[]

Pages I Shall Get Around To Making One of These Days, Eventually[]

  • Castiel's Army
  • Deal
  • King of Hell
  • Lucifer Loyalist
  • Raphael's Army

You Still There?[]

If you have a question or would like to discuss something, feel free to drop in on my talk page. I'll be more than happy to talk your ear off. Please note that NaiflidG is not held legally responsible for your ear actually falling off in real-life after you've talked to her; if it does, for God's sake consult an ENT and don't blame me. Unless you have damning evidence otherwise and are willing to go to court to prove it, in which case you can blame me but I'll evade justice and spend the rest of my days hunting you down so that I can exact my twisted vengeance, until I am poised to take my vengeance upon you but then get sniped in the heart at the last possible second by your sniper-buddy who has joined you in your travels and, despite a rocky start due to your clashing personalities, become your ally and friend through the trials you've faced together and has just come through for you in your darkest hour, coming back for you even after that big fight you just had (you know the one).

Look, I'm not saying that all of that will happen, I'm just saying that all of that may happen and that it's a risk you'll have to take if you want to say something on my talk page. That's how the world turns, bro. Peace out.