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My favorite character in the show is Dean, and my least favorite character is Sam. Sam is the worst character in all of fiction. My favorite episode is Hammer of the Gods (and probably will always be, seeing as the show just keeps getting worse after Swan Song), and my favorite season is season five, but I also like season one and four.

About Me[]

I was a big fan of Supernatural and love seasons 1-7, but the show totally became blah for me after season seven, but I continue to watch it, however, because I'm a loyal fan and will stick through it till the end. I first watched "The Rapture," my first episode, with my sister when season four was airing, I was immediately hooked. My favorite characters are Dean Winchester, Castiel, Alastair, Bobby, Charlie, Garth and Gabriel. Please, if you have any type of question relating to Supernatural or wikia in general, or just want to talk, leave me a message on my talk page, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. I am an atheist.

My favorite actors/actresses are Tom Welling, Allison Mack, Bradley James, Michael Ealy, Simon Baker and Jensen Ackles.

Hunter scale: Dean>Samuel Colt>Samuel Campbell>John>Mary>Elliot Ness>Bobby>Rufus>Sam>Gordon>Travis>Ellen>Daniel Elkins>Jo>Dorothy>Martin>Ash>Garth

Angels scale: Michael>Lucifer>Raphael>Gabriel>Naomi>Zachariah>Anna>Castiel>Uriel>Virgil>Bartholomew>Hester>Gadreel>Balthazar>Inias>Samandriel>Metatron

Demons scale: Cain>Lilith>Abaddon>Azazel>Alastair>Samhain>Crowley>Pride>Tammi>Meg>Ruby

Leviathan scale: Dick>Edgar>Joyce>Dr. Gaines>Chet>George

Articles I've created[]

I created the following pages:

Angelic Weapons, Sam and Lucifer, Dean and Michael (but had to be deleted because it was too minor, but it's included under Dean's relationships), Staff of Moses, Gabriel's Horn of Truth, Lot's Salt, Fate-killing blade, Ark of The Covenant, Omnipotence, Seraphs, Reality Warping, Super stamina, Humans (re-created), Super speed (re-created), Ram's Horn, Weather manipulation (re-created), King of Hell (but deleted it because I realized it would fit better on the demons page), Dr. Gaines (re-created), Super agility, Horsemen Briefcases, Electrokinesis, Hydrokinesis, Invisibility, Resurrection, Terrakinesis, Photokinesis, Grace, Shapeshifting, Voice Mimicry, Flight, Telepathy (re-created), Aerokinesis, Moleculkinesis, P.T. Sandover, Amazons, Cain and Abel (deleted), Super perception, Astral projection, Invulnerability, The Hulk, Red, Howard, Tyler, Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie (store), Rakshasa, Omniscience, God's True Form, Horses of the Horsemen, Death's Cane, Regeneration, Dean and Death, Madge and Edward Carrigan Dream Walking, Heal, Eve's vessel, Joyce, Castiel's Trench Coat, Chrokinesis, Thermokinesis, Necromancy, War's ring,Power Negation, Apporting, Jane, Nancy, Misha Collins (character), Sera Gamble (character), Titus Welliver, James Otis, Matt Frewer, Cuthbert Sinclair, Decapitation, Roger (Good God, Y'all),Typewriters, Sam's car, Edgar (Human), Zachariah's vessel, Russell Porter, Rainbow Motors,Waitress (Dead In The Water), First attacker (Bedtime Stories), Steve, Howard Lai, Tinks, and Leprechauns

Favorite quotes[]

Molly: "Oh, thank God." -- Dean: "Call me Dean."[1]
Mr. Wyatt: "Are you happy, Sam?"[2]
Dean: "Well, what can I say, I'm a badass."[3] - Dean, to Sam
Dean: "And, buddy, I'm the best."[4]
Dean: Cause, you know me, I'm a Posse magnet."[5]

Dean: The Badass Hero of the show[]

Charlie and Dean hugging

Dean aka Mr. Awesome

Supernatural preferences[]


Favorite characters overall:

Favorite angels:

Favorite demons:

Favorite monsters:

Favorite horsemen:

Favorite Deities

Favorite objects:

Favorite abilities[]

Episodes (of Supernatural)[]

Top Ten Episodes:

Season One:

Season Two:

Season Three:

Season Four:

Season Five:

The best season!

Season Six:

Season Seven:

A very good season!

Season Eight:

This season, like nine and ten, sucked so bad it was depressing and actually angering.

Season Nine:

This season, like eight and ten, sucked so bad it was depressing and actually angering.

Season Ten:

This season, like eight and nine, sucked so bad it was depressing and actually angering.

Season Eleven:


  • What I like about Dean: he's cool, classy, funny, likable, a ladies-man, a badass, the best hunter in existence, and downright awesome.
  • What I like about Castiel: his cuteness factor, naivety, innocence, and loyalty to Dean.
  • What I like about Bobby: His seemingly gruff attitude that really comes out in love, but he tries to cork it with naming calling like "idjit," his realness with reality, his smarts and his fatherly relationship with Dean.
  • What I like about Lisa: she's strong, gorgeous, independent, and sassy.
  • What I like about Alastair:
  • What I like about Gabriel: his silliness, wittiness, and his immense power.
  • What I like about Garth: his lighthearted, positive, cheery attitude and friendliness.
  • What I like about Ash:
  • What I like about Charlie:


  1. Roadkill
  2. After School Special
  3. Fresh Blood
  4. Trial and Error
  5. Frontierland