• I live in Heaven
  • My occupation is an Angel.
  • I am A Celestial Being

About me and my wormstash!Edit

Hello my name is Hennessey69, my real name is my real name, I guess my family were drunk when they named me :'), I like watching Supernatural, Smallville[1], Heroes[2],Doctor Who[3] and plenty more TV shows like this, but you may think of me as a geek but a lot of these shows are rather loved so meh, you can think what you want to think, I'm 15 years old, and I live in UK.

My favorite pagesEdit

  • Archangel Blade - I like this page because it's the first page I created :D!
  • Season 4 - This was my favourite season of Supernatural due to the introduction of Castiel!
  • Lazarus Rising - Dean is not dead = <3
  • Changing Channels - Let's admit it. The Trickster/Gabriel..total bad ass;)
  • Angels - They're fit!
  • Castiel - An Angel of the ..himself. <3 lot's of love for Cass<3 ! AND HIS WORMSTASH ! <3
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