aka Iván

  • I live in Narnia.
  • I was born on May 26
  • My occupation is Playing and... using pc and stuff.
  • I am Male

Hi. Im Robot, I'm a random user on the FANDOM Community, I enjoy Supernatural, and i also (sometimes) edit some pages and fix minor errors, so yeah i don't bite, don't worry.
Robot to the Whole Supernatural Community.
in His PC

Hello, I'm Robot, im a Supernatural Fan and a Wiki Helper.

I started Watching Supernatural around 2008 and became a big fan, but stopped watching it around Season 8, and came back on season 10-11 Hiatus. I discovered the Supernatural Wiki on 2016, but i didn't do much but to watch and read. But then I started Editing Stuff and well, here i am now.

Coming soon...

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