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RoboSam is a term fans and reviewers use to describe Sam in early Season 6 when he is saved from Lucifer's Cage without his soul. He's also a manifestation of Sam Winchester's dark side.

Early lifeEdit

He has all of Sam's memories.


SPN 1226

RoboSam about to kill Bobby Singer

When Sam came back from hell, his soul was left behind which left him completely emotionless. He has said himself that he doesn't feel anything anymore, with no remorse. The new Sam will do anything to kill monsters, even let his own brother be turned into a vampire. RoboSam claims that it has a few benefits that have allowed him to become a better hunter: he doesn't need to sleep or really eat anymore, he has a higher pain tolerance and was able to lie to the goddess Veritas, even though she can make all other people, even Dean, tell the truth. This soulless version of Sam has also been proved to be quite dangerous, with his lack of emotion or empathy for others makes him something of a sociopath. He doesn't seem to care about those he works with, or even his brother Dean, as he just uses those close to him to achieve his own ends.

Season 5Edit

4 - robosam
The first time RoboSam is seen, is when he appears outside of Lisa Braeden's house, staring directly at Dean through the window.


In "The Man Who Would Be King", it's revealed that Castiel was the one who brought Sam out of hell, but it remains unknown if Castiel knew he left Sam's soul behind. During the year he didn't had contact with Dean, RoboSam met his long-time dead grandfather Samuel Campbell, (who was brought back by Crowley) and started hunting together along with Sam's cousins Mark Campbell, Gwen Campbell and Christian Campbell.

Somewhere during that year, he went to visit Bobby Singer to try to figure out how he's back from Lucifer's Cage.

SPN613 0615

RoboSam and Samuel investigating

Some of the year RoboSam spent with Samuel was shown in "Unforgiven", in Bristol, Rhode Island, RoboSam and Samuel worked a case, and left the town one night only to be pulled over by a cop. He asks the two a few questions, before noticing RoboSam's arm is bloody. He insists that they come with him, or he'll arrest them. RoboSam, however, doesn't listen and actually finds some amusement out of him threatening to arrest two "federal agents". When the cop becomes more aggressive, RoboSam beats him to a bloody pulp, while Samuel just stands aside and watches. The two leave the cop on the road unconscious. Before leaving Bristol, RoboSam and Samuel were talking with Roy and Debra Dobbs about family and being on the road. Samuel expresses a sentimental sense of joy and blessing when reminiscing about Mary, but RoboSam looks at his relationship with Samuel as nothing more than a business relationship, and that "family slows you down".
SPN613 0977

RoboSam shoots all the poisoned men.

RoboSam and Samuel later figure out that they're hunting an Arachne made were all of men fitting a certain profile, and used Roy as live bait to track down the Arachne. Upon finding the Arachne's lair, Sam and Samuel face off with the creature, and Sam decapitates it. Samuel suggests calling an ambulance for Roy and the others, but Sam suggests it can't be helped. He believes that all the men are poisoned, that they're dead men walking, and he suggests to put them out of their misery by killing them. He shoots all of the innocent men, and tells Samuel to get the gasoline to burn the house down.

Season 6Edit

In "Exile on Main Street", RoboSam appears and saves Dean from the Djinn's poison (while Dean hallucinated that he was being attacked by long time dead Azazel). he tells Dean that he has been back the entire time and that he chose not to tell him because he would leave his normal life behind if he did. Dean gets angry at Sam and later at Bobby as he knew of Sam's return as well. Then Sam introduced Dean to their third cousins and Grandfather, from their mom's side.

Between "Two And A Half Men" and "Live Free or Twihard", things get stranger between Sam and Dean, as Dean starts to notice that Sam has been acting differently ever since he came back into his life. RoboSam uses a baby shapeshifter as bait to draw in the Alpha, he forces Dean to stand aside when Castiel tortures a kid for intel on the angel buying souls (Balthazar), he even lets Dean get turned by a vampire to get more information on the Alpha Vampire. When Dean confronts Sam about it. Sam, however, lies and says he just froze.

SPN 0514 (RoboSam)

Robosam let's Dean get turned into a Vampire.

However in "You Can't Handle The Truth", When the brothers are held captive by the Goddess of Truth Veritas, the goddess reveals that there is something wrong with Sam. RoboSam tells Dean that he's still Sam, but he knows something's wrong with him, and admits he needs help. Dean responds with beating RoboSam unconscious, and calling on Castiel for assistance. In "Family Matters", Upon inpection, Castiel determines Sam is physically healthy, but his soul is missing. Dean plans on keeping RoboSam tied up, but RoboSam sets himself free and tells Dean to work with him. Later, Sam and Dean meet up with Samuel, who informs them that he's got a lead on the Alpha vampire. Sam and Dean join in on the hunt, with Sam following Samuel's group and Dean standing guard with Gwen. When Dean sees Sam walking the vampire into a van, Dean confronts Sam, and Sam states that it was his idea because they needed to ask questions, where Dean is a 'shoot first, ask questions later' kind of hunter.
YCH074 606 343 100

Dean confrots RoboSam.

Sam helps Dean find out where Samuel is taking the creatures for interrogation by activating a GPS tracker in one of the his cell phones. They find the Alpha vampire, and take the opportunity to question him when Samuel leaves the room. The Alpha expresses an interest in Sam because of his soullessness, and later attacks Sam and attempts to turn him. Christian, revealed as a demon, prevents this and teleports the Alpha away.

Crowley then appears on the scene, and through Samuel, is revealed to be the one who raised Sam from Lucifer's cage, and is in possession of his soul. He tells them that if Sam ever wants the return of his soul, he and Dean need to help Samuel to capture creatures for him. Currently, Sam does not see any other option than to
SPN 0020

RoboSam after being beaten up by Dean

'play ball' with Crowley until the brothers find another way to get his soul back, and then they will get him back. Between "All Dogs Go To Heaven" and "Caged Heat", Sam's behavior, however, shows that he is definitely in conflict on whether he should get his soul back or not, or even want to get his soul back. He tries to convince Dean that he is still the same Sam. He works Crowley's cases without question, and also claims that his brain works better than ever. His actions contradict this, as when dealing with a skinwalker case, Sam jumps to the conlusion that a women is the skinwalker they're looking for, and is ready to bag her up as soon as possible. When the brothers face the pack of skinwalkers, Sam orders Dean to take a shot at the pack leader, even when there was an innocent in the way.
SPN 0070

Castiel examinating RoboSam

However, Sam already shows signs of having second thoughts, or not wanting to change. When investigating the case of UFO abductions, Sam checks only one lead when Dean's abducted, but is side-tracked and picked up by a hippie chick and has sex with her, much to Dean's dismay. When the abductions are revealed to be the cause of fairies, Sam takes matters into his own hands when Dean is sent to jail. He confronts the leprechaun Wayne, who strikes a deal to lift Sam's soul from the cage. Sam expresses interest, but banishes him and the other fairies. When asked by Dean why he refused, Sam suggests that deals have never lead them anywhere good. Dean then questions whether Sam is having second thoughts, to which Sam denies with a simple "No."

AD096 606 336 100

RoboSam killing Skinwalkers

while still unsure whether he wants his soul back, goes along with working for Crowley, despite Dean's remarks of them not getting anywhere. Later, Sam walks away on a small argument with Dean only to be knocked out by demons, led by none other than Meg. RoboSam detects her fear and suggests that she's running from Crowley, which to him makes sense, as Crowley is now the "big man on campus", and dubs Meg as a "Lucifer loyalist". When Meg asks how he knows, he simply replies it's what he'd do. He then makes a deal with her: the brothers give her Crowley ("with a bow"), but only on one condition: she must torture Crowley to get him to give Sam back his soul. When Dean expresses unease with working with a demon again, Sam retorts that they are working with demons now and that this is their shot to stop. He also assures Dean that they will kill Meg the second they are done with them, and that they would not kill them first. He calls on Castiel to make sure of this. Sam tricks Castiel into thinking that they have found the Ark of the Covenant, to which the angel responds. When Castiel tells Sam that he is too busy with the war over Heaven to help, Sam reminds Castiel that he owes him and tells him that if he does not help, he will hunt Castiel down and kill him. Castiel joins the group for searching for Crowley.
SPN 1099

RoboSam saving Dean from a pair of Ghouls

Once inside Crowley's prison, Sam and Dean get captured by Crowley's demons, as the two have been sold out by Samuel. The two are put in separate cells, and while the demons take Dean away to have him killed by ghouls, RoboSam bites his wrist hard enough to bleed. He uses his own blood to mark the ceiling with a devil's trap. He escapes his cell, and saves Dean from the Ghouls, that Crowley's hemchen left to kill Dean.

A moment later, the brothers (along with Meg) confront Crowley. Sam demands for his soul, to which Crowley replies he simply cannot. He states that he was lucky enough to retrieve Sam's body, as Michael and Lucifer are very violent when Crowley comes in contact. He then asks Sam why he even wants it back, as he too thinks that
SPN611 0605

Bobby is asigned to watch RoboSam

Sam will be broken once his soul is returned (Meg agrees to this). Disgusted, Sam tells Meg to kill Crowley, in which she fails. Crowley knocks Meg over, steals the knife, disarms the devil's trap keeping him immobile, and flings Sam and Dean into the wall. Castiel intervenes, asking once again if he has the power to restore Sam's soul. Crowley says no, and Castiel burns the bones of the demon. In "Appointment In Samarra", When Dean informs Sam and Bobby that he has made a deal with Death that could result in Sam getting his soul back, and with a "wall", RoboSam is still unwilling to get it back, and is sure his head will explode when Dean's scheme "goes sideways". He even sneaks out the house to try and steal the Pale Horseman's ring before Dean, but is foiled as Dean catches him and holds the ring in his hand. RoboSam falsely states he trusts Dean with his deal, and gives him false hope not to mess it up.
AS045 606 340 100

RoboSam makes a deal with Balthazar

With Bobby given the job to watch Sam, the latter asks if he'll lock him in the panic room. Bobby asks if he has to, but RoboSam replies he does not, and that "Dean's gotta do what he's gotta do." He slips Bobby's watch over him again to summon Balthazar. He asks Balthazar for a way to keep his soul out of his body, and Balthazar, who wants to screw Dean over and have RoboSam in his debt, gives RoboSam the spell "for free." He also tells RoboSam that he has to make his body uninhabitable for his soul by committing patricide. He "needs the blood of his father, but his father needn't be blood," so Sam resolves that Bobby is the next best thing, as John Winchester has been long dead. Bobby realizes what RoboSam is up to, however, and hits him over the head. Unfortunately, RoboSam vanishes before Bobby can tie him up. Bobby locks the door to the basement and then locks himself in the closet, where

RoboSam attacks.

RoboSam quickly finds him. RoboSam breaks through the door with an axe, but Bobby has set a trap door outside the closet that drops Sam into the basement. Bobby asks Sam what he's doing through the basement door, to which RoboSam replies he's trying to survive, as Dean does not really care about him without a soul, and rather about his brother Sam burning in Hell (speaking as if they are two different people). RoboSam later finds a way to escape after he gets Bobby monologuing. When Bobby leaves outside to look for him, RoboSam knocks him out from behind. He ties Bobby to a chair, and prepares to kill him, despite how he does not want to (he only looks at the bigger picture: he will remain soulless). However, Dean shows up in the nick of time, and knocks RoboSam out.

RoboSam "kills" "soulfull" Sam

RoboSam wakes up chained to the bed in the panic room, and catches glimpse of Dean through the small window of the panic room's door. He remains still and silent until Death shows up by his bed with a doctor's bag, containing his soul. Death explains to RoboSam that he will put up a wall inside his mind that will hold back the memories of the cage. He explains it may be "a little itchy", but advises not to "scratch the wall" as he will not like what happens. RoboSam fights while chained, shouting for Death to stay away from him, and begging Dean for him not to let it happen. Death, however, proceeds to restore Sam's soul to his body, with the latter screaming in pain. Ending with RoboSam. RoboSam returns as a manifestation in "The Man Who Knew Too Much", after Castiel destroys Sam's wall as a

RoboSam integrates with "soulful" Sam.

way to stop The Winchesters from ruining Castiel and Crowley's plan to open to door to Purgatory, he stays in a comatose state after Castiel's attack, in Sam's head, Sam has another confrontation with RoboSam, who reveals that Sam is actually unconscious after Castiel broke the wall in his mind. He learns that the doppelganger in his mind is actually RoboSam, and that he intends to kill "soulful" Sam in order to take over his body in the real world as he did at the beggining of Season 6. The two Sams play a cat and mouse game where "soulful" Sam emerges the victor. As he dies, RoboSam tells him that there is another Sam, one that's worse than him. Sam then absorbs RoboSam and regains his memories of the time he was soulless. He remembers that Robin is actually a victim of a demon attack, one who he mercilessly killed when the demon tried to use her as a hostage. After Sam apologizes for failing to help her, she disappears.


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