This is Uriel. He's what you might call... a specialist.
Castiel, introducing Uriel to Sam and Dean
in It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester

Uriel was an angel who once served under Anna Milton and Castiel in their garrison. He was described by Castiel as what humans might call "a specialist". It is eventually revealed that Uriel was a double agent and a follower of Lucifer. He was subsequently killed by Anna using his own blade.[1]


Early HistoryEdit

As an angel, Uriel has existed for thousands, if not, millions of years. He served in the same garrison as Castiel. When Lucifer rebelled and defied God, Uriel did stand with God and the Archangels, but he was also enthralled by Lucifer's power and charisma whereas most other angels, including Castiel, were afraid.

Season 4Edit

SPN 16534

Uriel at the Winchester brothers' motel.

In It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester, Uriel is first seen with Castiel in the Winchester brothers' motel room on Halloween. They inform the brothers that they know about the witch that's trying to summon Samhain. Castiel also tells the brothers that the witch knows who they are, revealing that he and Uriel found a hex bag in the wall of their room. Castiel then tells the brothers to leave the town because they are going to destroy it and obliterate the witch with it to prevent Samhain from being summoned. This will also prevent another one of the 66 Seals from being broken. Sam and Dean protest, fearing for the citizens. Uriel is willing to kill them anyway and says that this wasn't the first time he's had to "purify" a town. He merely laughs at Sam's statement about how they couldn't do this because they were angels and are supposed to be righteous. Dean tells him to go ahead and do it, but they're staying. Uriel states that he has no problem destroying them, but Dean reminds him that he must be important if "The Man Upstairs" gave orders to bring him back to life. Uriel tells him that he will drag him out. As Dean tells Castiel to trust him and Sam to stop the summoning, Uriel begins to protest but is silenced by Castiel. Castiel tells Dean for them to work fast then the brothers leave the two angels.

SPN 0709

Castiel speaks with Uriel about the orders they must obey.

Later, Uriel and Castiel are seen in a park talking. Castiel tells him that the decision has been made, but Uriel remarks that the decision was made by a "mud-monkey" (Dean). When Castiel objects to his insults, Uriel replies that humans are nothing but savages. Castiel warns Uriel that he is close to blasphemy, and that Dean was saved for a reason and that he has potential. Uriel then suggests that they drag Dean out of the town by force and then destroy the town as they planned. He is put into his place when Castiel reminds him about their true orders and asks him if he's willing to disobey.

SPN 104645

Uriel castigates Sam for using his powers.

The day after Halloween and after Samhain was sent back to hell by Sam, Uriel pays a visit to Sam. He makes a note about how tomorrow, November 2, is the anniversary of the murders of his mother and girlfriend. He then questions how Sam could still use the powers that Azazel gave him and reminds him that he was told not to use his powers. Sam replies that his powers saved him, Dean, and everyone else in the town and that without them he and everyone else would be dead. Uriel tells Sam that this is his second warning. He then threatens Sam and tells him the only reason he is still alive is because he's proven to be useful, but the moment that ceases to be true he will turn Sam into dust. Just before he leaves, Uriel tells Sam to tell Dean "to get off that high horse of his" and ask his brother what he remembers from his time in Hell.

Castiel and uriel

Uriel and Castiel come for Anna

In I Know What You Did Last Summer, right after Sam tells Anna Milton that her parents were killed by demons, she senses that something is coming towards them. After the brothers hide Anna, Dean, Sam, and Ruby prepare for what they believe are demons. They are surprised to see that what Anna sensed are Uriel and Castiel. Uriel asks the brothers why they are in the company of a demon. Then Castiel tells them that they are here for Anna. When the brothers ask if they're here to help, Uriel tells them to be silent and commands them to give her to them. Castiel answers the brothers telling them that they're here to kill her.

SPN 0726

Uriel appears to Dean in a dream, demanding he hands over Anna, and revealing that he holds her Grace in a vial around his neck.

In Heaven and Hell, Uriel and Castiel tell Sam and Dean that Anna is very dangerous with the former commenting on how she is worse than a demon like Ruby, whom Uriel knows has been sleeping with Sam. Despite their demands, the two brothers refuse to give up Anna. They fight the angels, but the brothers are easily defeated. They are rescued by Anna, who banishes the angels using a blood seal. Then, the boys lead Anna to Bobby's panic room, which can repel most supernatural beings. Later, Uriel confronts Dean in his dreams while he is sleeping. Dean asks him where Castiel is and Uriel tells him that he's not here and that Castiel has a weakness: he actually likes Dean. Uriel then demands that Anna be given to him. Dean tries to bluff and states that Anna has regained her grace and became an angel once again. Uriel then reveals that he has her grace around his neck. Uriel questions why Dean is even involving himself in this situation since she isn't even human, making it angel business. He then deduces that Dean and Anna slept together and that's why he is so committed to saving her. Uriel then threatens Dean to give Anna to him or he'll throw him back into Hell. Dean tells him to go ahead and Uriel realizes that he isn't bluffing and that he's "crazy" enough to go back to Hell. When Dean states that he won't break easily, Uriel retorts and says he will and that you just need to know where to apply the right pressure.

"How dare you come in this room... you pussing sore." – Uriel to Alastair
SPN 0955

Uriel easily kills an Alastair's minion.

Waiting to regroup with Ruby, the brothers and Anna are confronted by Uriel and Castiel. When Sam questions how they found them, Anna deduces that Dean sold them out after Uriel threatened to kill Sam if he didn't. Just as Anna surrenders herself to the two angels, they are interrupted by Alastair, Ruby, and two other demons. While Castiel battles Alastair, Uriel takes on his two henchmen. Uriel proves to be more powerful than the two demons and easily smites them both while Castiel is unable to harm Alastair. As Uriel is distracted smiting the second demon, Anna snatches back her grace to Uriel's horror and smashes it to the ground, releasing it. Anna becomes an angel again and Alastair's vessel is destroyed. Uriel is enraged and tries to attack Dean when he tells Uriel that he will now have to chase Anna, but Castiel stops him and they leave.

SPN 015467

Uriel and Castiel reveal that angels in their garrison are being killed.

In On The Head Of A Pin, Uriel and Castiel appear before the Winchester brothers in their motel room. They reveal to them that angels in their garrison are being killed. Dean tells them that they have Alastair and that he should be able to tell them who's killing the angels. Uriel reveals that they're here to have Dean, Alastair's former apprentice, interrogate Alastair for information. Dean refuses, but Uriel tells him that this isn't a request. He, Dean, and Castiel teleport to the warehouse where Alastair is being held by a devil's trap. When Dean refuses again and attempts to leave, Uriel stops him by teleporting in front of him. When Dean demands to speak to Castiel alone, Uriel tells Castiel that he'll go and seek revelation to see if there are any further orders for them before he teleports away.

SPN 0854

Uriel tells to Castiel that he has received a revelation.

Castiel meets up with Uriel after Alastair is killed by Sam. Castiel realizes that demons aren't behind the angel killings, and Uriel tells him that he has received a revelation. Their superiors no longer want them to hunt the demon that's killing angels. Castiel tells Uriel that demons aren't responsible for the murders of their kin and that its possible that the garrison is being punished for losing the war and that this is the will of Heaven. Uriel questions if their Father would really do this. Castiel then states that maybe these orders aren't from God and that something is wrong in Heaven. Uriel then says that he will not just wait for death and teleports away.

SPN 04752

Uriel talking to Castiel about Lucifer.

Later, Castiel calls Uriel to meet him in the room Alastair was being held. Uriel asks Castiel if he will join him and help him fight whatever is killing the angels. Castiel questions how a leaky pipe could undo the work of angels and break the devil's trap he created. Uriel reasons that they underestimated Alastair's power, but Castiel claims that no demon could overpower the devil's trap. Castiel then tells Uriel, out of respect for their brotherhood, to tell him the truth. Uriel responds by saying that the only thing that can kill an angel is another angel as he pulls out his angel blade. Uriel admits that he freed Alastair and that he was supposed to kill Dean and escape so the blame for the angel murders could still be placed on the demons. He then reveals that he is a double agent working to free Lucifer. Uriel explains to Castiel that God stopped being their father after he created humanity, his favorites and that he should believe in Lucifer since he didn't bow down to humanity and stood up for the angels. He reveals to Castiel that he's been killing the members in their garrison who refused to join him, but some have joined him. He then asks Castiel to join him and help bring about the Apocalypse.


Uriel's corpse after he is killed by Anna

However, Castiel refuses and he engages Uriel, who loses his angel blade quickly in the fight. However, Uriel proves the stronger combatant and beats Castiel who tells Uriel he can't win as he still serves God. An enraged Uriel beats Castiel down and tells him "there is no will. No wrath. No God!" However, before he can hit Castiel again, Anna appears behind him and stabs him through the throat with his own angel blade, killing him. His death causes an ashy imprint of his wings to be spread out over the warehouse floor.

Season 5Edit


Uriel in 1978.

In The Song Remains the Same, after her first attempt to kill John and Mary Winchester failed, Anna Milton calls upon the Uriel of 1978. Uriel appears before Anna in a younger vessel, however, it's unknown if this vessel was his human host of the 21st century during 1978 or a blood relative of his 21st-century human host. He immediately asks Anna why she called him and that she knows that "they", most likely referring to their superiors, don't like it when they're down on Earth. After a few moments, Uriel realizes that Anna was not from 1978 and confronts her about it. Anna admits that she is from the future. She lies to Uriel that the Winchester Family, who she's after, will kill him in the future and that she's giving him a chance to not let that happen. Uriel then thanks her.

SPN 0912

Uriel overpowers Dean.

Later, when the two angels find the Winchesters, they remove all the defenses they've set up, smearing the blood seals and removing holy oil traps. Then the angels disorient the Winchesters with a high-pitched tone, breaking the windows and turning off the house's power. Uriel then walks in through the front door. Dean asks him who he is and is displeased when he introduces himself as Uriel. Uriel fights Dean, while Anna takes care of Sam, John, and Mary. Uriel easily overpowers Dean beating him to a pulp. Uriel then grabs him by the throat and makes him watch as Anna kills Sam. After he sees Michael save Mary and kill Anna, he lets go and apologizes to Michael. He tells Michael that he didn't know, most likely referring to the fact that he didn't know Michael had plans for the family. Michael responds, "Goodbye, Uriel," and snaps his fingers, sending Uriel away.

Season 12Edit

In Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets, the angel Ishim comments that after Castiel left Ishim's flight, he went on to command one of his own including Balthazar and Uriel. Ishim calls them both great soldiers and reminds Castiel that they are now dead because of him.


The only reason you're alive, Sam Winchester, is because you've been useful. But the moment that ceases to be true, the second you become more trouble than you're worth, one word. One, and I will turn you to dust.
Uriel to Sam Winchester
in It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester
Uriel was impatient and ruthless, though according to Castiel, he was also the funniest angel in their garrison; even Dean Winchester noted that he believed Uriel had a better sense of humor than Castiel, though Dean may have been being at least partially sarcastic as Castiel doesn't really have a sense of humor. 

Like Lucifer, Uriel showed much disdain for humanity due to him seeing them as God's favorites over angels though he was amused by Dean's consistent attitude at not quitting even stating he was starting to like Dean. He is also disgusted by demons, most likely because of their human pasts. This led him to lose faith in God and place his loyalties with Lucifer, who he remembered as having defended angels to God, and called "strong" and "beautiful". Uriel often used slurs to refer to humans and demons alike; the former he compared to "mud monkeys" and "larva", while the latter he called "stains" and "pusstulent sores".

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Always happy to do some smiting.
Uriel possessed the common powers and abilities inherited in all angels, but he was quite strong and ruthless for a normal angel. He overpowered at least seven angels in the series. He was quoted by Castiel as "a specialist".
  • Dream Walking - Uriel could enter the dreams and minds of humans.
  • Immortality - Uriel, like all celestial beings, had the potential to live indefinitely, and was not subjected to or affected by the depredation of time, aging, or diseases, or fatigue and didn't need to breathe, eat, or sleep to sustain himself.
  • Possession - Being an angel, Uriel's true form was very hazardous to the earthly plain, so he, like all celestial beings, required the use of a human vessel in order to physically interact with humans on Earth. He also requires the vessel's consent.
  • Invulnerability - Uriel, like all angels, was resistant to most forms of harm and could not even be harmed or hurt by a vast majority of beings including demons and anything earthly, but he can be greatly damaged or even killed by angelic weapons or while fighting other angels.
  • Super Strength - For an angel of his rank, Uriel possessed remarkable physical strength, being able to consecutively kill multiple demons with ease. He could overpower humans, ghosts, monsters, and various demons, such as Alastair's henchmen. Uriel also proved capable of overpowering other angels. It's heavily implied that Uriel killed the seven angels from his and Castiel's garrison - those who refused to join him in the battle against Heaven and joining Lucifer. He outmatched Castiel in a fight after he was promoted in rank.
  • Regeneration - When his vessel was damaged, he could heal the wound(s) instantly.
  • Telepathy - Uriel, like all angels, could read human thoughts and emotions.
  • Teleportation - Uriel could disappear and reappear anywhere in time, space, and any place anywhere on the face of the Earth instantly except for locations warded in Enochian sigils.
  • Telekinesis - Uriel possessed telekinesis, being able to move humans, objects, and other beings just by gesturing.
  • SPN 0959

    Uriel kills a demon with smiting.

    Smiting - He could kill demons by touching the forehead or face of the host that they're using.
  • Superhuman Intelligence - Uriel possessed an immense amount of knowledge about planets, the Milky Way Galaxy, humans, the occult, and angelic orientated information. He called it "receiving Revelation". He also possessed knowledge of Hell and how it works, as he and some other angels were able to bypass its defenses.
  • Supernatural Perception - He could perceive angels and demons through their vessels. He has also been shown to be able to perceive an angel in a vessel without any grace.
  • Sedation - Uriel could cause humans to fall/topple to the ground unconscious by merely touching their forehead.


Harming, Misleading and Trapping Edit

  • Enochian sigils - Uriel cannot enter somewhere if they are warded by Enochian sigils.

Banishing or Destroying Edit

  • Archangels - Michael was easily able to send him back to Heaven with a snap of his fingers. Uriel was also visibly scared by his appearance.
  • Angel banishing sigil - Uriel could be banished by this sigil.
  • Angel Blades - Angel blades can harm and kill Uriel.


Killed ByEdit

After his treachery as a follower of Lucifer was revealed, Uriel fought Castiel, ultimately gaining the upper hand and beating on Castiel. As Uriel attacked Castiel, Anna came up from behind Uriel and stabbed him through the back of the neck and out of his throat with his own angel blade, killing Uriel.


In LoreEdit

In lore, Uriel is actually an Archangel of wisdom, wind, and repentance. He "stands at the Gate of Eden with a fiery sword," or is the angel who "watches over thunder and terror."

He is also associated with the month of September.


  • Uriel's distaste for demons despite them being a creation of Lucifer's mirrors Lucifer's own loathing towards his creations.
  • Uriel's desire to kill Sam and Dean is ironic since they are both the true vessels of Lucifer and Michael.
  • Although Uriel was initially below both Anna Milton and Castiel in rank, he ended up being higher-ranked than either: Anna defected from the Heavenly Host and thus lost her position while Castiel was demoted due to his beginning to develop emotion.
  • Uriel claimed that the only thing that can kill an angel is another angel. As angels have been killed by both humans and demons, it is likely that he meant that only an angel had access to the weapons needed to kill an angel and that he believed only they had the skill and power to be able to do so or both.
  • Uriel was the first angel revealed to be an antagonist as well as the first angel killed on-screen; Gabriel was the first antagonistic angel introduced, though his species was not revealed until Changing Channels, and an unnamed angel in the teaser of On The Head Of A Pin was the first seen dead.
  • In his first appearance, Uriel claims he had cleansed other towns before. This may be in reference to Sodom and Gomorrah.
  • Uriel is the first angel to display smiting. This is later displayed by many angels including Castiel over the course of the series.
  • With Uriel being a follower of Lucifer, he is the most realistic version of a demon on the show despite being an angel and not a fallen angel. In reality, it is believed that demons are actually fallen angels who stood with Lucifer in his rebellion against God; not former human souls that have been transformed into demons.


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