These two unnamed men were cops who became Jefferson Starships.


They were one of a handful of humans transformed into a Jefferson Starship by Eve.

When Sam Winchester, Castiel, and Bobby Singer come to investigate a bar that erupted into a fight and left numerous corpses, these two Starships along with another one arrested the trio and dragged them back to the police station.

While walking through the police station, Sam noticed the cops' reflections in a mirror and realized they weren't actual cops, but monsters. This caused the trio to fight back. The Starship accompanying Castiel slammed the angel into a wall and was about to attack him, before Dean arrived and decapitated him.

The other Starship fought with Bobby, and was about to pierce his chest with a spike when Castiel came over and decapitated this one himself. The last one had been knocked down by Sam, but was spared from being killed by Dean so the trio could interrogate him.


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