This unnamed Djinn is responsible for the fantasy world Dean witnessed.


While he and Sam are hunting for this djinn, Dean enters a warehouse alone and discovers the djinn inside. However, the djinn easily overpowers and poisons him.

The djinn creates Dean's fantasy world based on Dean's desire for his mother not to have been killed by Azazel. Dean initially thinks the djinn granted his wish, but eventually realizes that he is only dreaming. Meanwhile, the djinn feeds on Dean, weakening him gradually.

Sam arrives and starts freeing Dean from the rope bonds. The djinn attacks Sam, but Dean, having killed himself in the fantasy dream, wakes up and stabs the djinn with a silver knife dipped in lamb blood, thus killing it. Sam and Dean then saved the Djinn's other victim and took her to the hospital saving her life.

About four years after his death it is revealed that this djinn had three children, a daughter named Brigitta and two sons. These three djinns sought vengeance against Dean Winchester for the death of their father. They ultimately failed and they all died.

Around eleven and a half years after his death, Dean recognizes the rig Neil is using on Mr. Rawling as the same rig this djinn used to drain his blood and thus realizes that Neil is a djinn.



  • Unlike later djinns, this djinn appears less humanoid with pale skin and tattoos all over its body.
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