The ability of breathe water like air without any harm whatsoever, mostly by having a fish-like anatomy.

Beings with this AbilityEdit

  • Loch Ness Monsters - By living in Loch Ness, these monsters can breathe underwater.
  • Kappas - Kappas live underwater but can also walk on ground and breathe air.
  • Ondines - Close to mermaids, the Ondine were creatures from the sea who took men, mainly sailors, away to feed. Live in close family units, the females do most of the hunting, while men guard the children and home.
  • Krakens - Like the Loch Ness Monsters, these aquatic creatures as so, can breathe underwater.
  • Nicky - A Zanna that shapeshifted into a mermaid-like anatomy.
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