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Tzitimimeh, also known as Star Demons, are a powerful race of Aztec monsters featured in Supernatural: Coyote's Kiss.


Star Demons exist in another dimension beyond the Borderland though at some point one was killed on Earth and its tooth turned into the knife Itztlitlantl belonging to the family of Xochi Cazadora. While unknown in the United States, Mexican hunters are aware of the Star Demons and fear them as their bite consumes the soul of their victims, turning them into zombies that go after other people's souls. As a result, the Star Demons being unleashed upon the Earth could lead to the end of the world.

On April 18, 1995, the Star Demon Queen Itzapapalotl possessed four Customs and Border Protection officers and forced them to rape Elvia Reveultas and leave her near death. Before releasing possession of the men, Itzapapalotl used one to imprint her mark on Elvia's neck. As a result, as Itzapapalotl planned, when a Borderwalker changed Elvia into a Borderwalker as well, the mark corrupted the transformation, absorbing the power of the Borderwalker that turned Elvia and increasing Elvia's power as a Borderwalker to beyond that of a normal Borderwalker. The result killed the Borderwalker that turned Elvia. The mark amplified Elvia's rage over her rape and murder so that it became all-consuming and drove her dangerously insane.

In 2011, Elvia reemerged on Earth and began seeking revenge upon those responsible for her death. Now with Teo Cazadora working for her, Itzapapalotl put her plan into motion to capture Elvia and use her unnatural amount of power to transport the Star Demons to Earth. With the help of Nagual loyal to Itzapapolotl, Teo captured Elvia despite resistance from her sister Xochi and Sam and Dean Winchester and used Elvia and her amplified Borderwalker powers to open a gate between Earth and the Star Demon realm in Mexico City. Two Star Demons emerged on Earth and immediately started wreaking havoc, turning a large number of people into zombies before Sam destroyed their obsidian teeth, effectively rendering them powerless. Finding that Itzapapolotl was coming through Elvia's gate with the rest of the Star Demons behind her, Elvia's daughter Claudia had Elvia turn her into a Borderwalker as well so they could send the Star Demons back to their realm. Once Claudia was a Borderwalker, she and her mother grasped Itzapapolotl and reversed the gate Elvia had opened, sending all of the Star Demons back to their realm, Teo with them. As they were returned to their realm, the two Star Demons that had escaped released all of the souls they had stolen, restoring the zombies who had not been killed back to normal.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Possession - Itzapapolotl, the Queen of the Star Demons at least can possess multiple people from another realm and force them to do her bidding.
  • Soul Consumption - By biting people, a Star Demon consumes their soul. A small nick from one of their teeth will cause the soul of a person to slowly die.
  • Super Strength - Star Demons are strong enough to throw a minivan around.


  • De-Fanging - Destroying a Star Demon's teeth leaves it unable to consume people's souls.
  • Soullessness - A Star Demon is unable to detect an opponent if they possess no soul.



  • During the crisis with the Star Demons, Castiel was unable to intervene due to them being part of a different pantheon of belief.
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