Tyrus's Faction refers to a group of angels that were loyal to Tyrus following the Fall of the Angels.


After the Fall of the Angels,[1] this faction of angels was formed by Tyrus. Unlike the majority of the other factions that formed, Tyrus's Faction was peaceful and independent and preferred to enjoy the pleasures of life on Earth.

As the conflict between Castiel's Faction and Metatron's Faction ramped up, Tyrus's Faction remained neutral and became the largest independent faction remaining. Metatron, accompanied by Gadreel, approached Tyrus to join him, but Tyrus refused. When Gadreel drew an angel blade, Tyrus warned that his death would simply cause his faction to join with Castiel, forcing Metatron and Gadreel to back off. Shortly after Tyrus beat the two at bowling, Constantine arrived and committed a suicide bombing in the name of Castiel, killing Tyrus.

Enraged at Castiel apparently killing their leader and unaware that Metatron orchestrated the attack, Tyrus's Faction joined Metatron's side. When video calling Castiel, Metatron informed him of these events and noted that Tyrus's Faction weren't Castiel's biggest fans now.[2]

Known MembersEdit

  • Tyrus (leader, deceased)


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