Tyrus was the leader of one of the factions formed when the angels fell from Heaven. Metatron tried to convince him to join forces with him, but Tyrus refused. He was killed after an angel suicide bomber, Constantine, had killed himself.


Season 9Edit

After he fell to the Earth, Tyrus formed his own faction with some other angels and then he fell in love with bowling. When Castiel started gaining a lot of followers, Metatron tried to do the same and set a meeting with Tyrus, offering him the entrance in Heaven if he joined him. Tyrus rejected Metatron's offer to join with him and reenter Heaven for three reasons: he grew to love life on Earth, loving especially bowling; he preferred to be an independent operator and he hated Metatron. He does however agree to talk with Metatron, if he can win him in a bowling game, which Metatron fails to do. Upon leaving the bowling alley, an angel suicide bomber, Constantine, sacrifices himself in the name of Castiel, killing Tyrus and hurting Gadreel in the process. Thinking it was Castiel who sent the angel suicide bomber, his followers joined Metatron.[1]

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Tyrus possessed the standard abilities of a regular angel.

  • Angelic Possession - Tyrus had to possess a vessel to walk the earth, and he needed the vessel's consent.




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