Tyler Thompson was the daughter of Susan Thompson. Maggie Thompson was her imaginary friend.


She was mostly seen playing with Maggie, and, when the second man died, she noticed that a doll's head turned all the way around like the man who had died. When Sam and Dean come, they saw her playing with Maggie. Tyler did not know Maggie was actually a ghost, and at the moment, she was the only one (besides her grandmother) who could see Maggie. Then Maggie tried to kill Tyler so they could be together forever. Tyler was not sure, but was pushed into the pool. It's thanks to Sam, that she was saved. After that episode, Tyler told them she could not see Maggie anymore.

Tyler was briefly seen in "What Is And What Should Never Be" when Dean researched his old cases and found her obituary online (while Dean was held captive by a Djinn).



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